How To Develop Hostel Business Plan?

Developing a comprehensive and profitable hostel business plan needs a full range of knowledge about hostel business and needs different skills to build up a good hostel business plan.


A hostel business is very profitable and you can start it with low investment through acquiring a small building for rent. But before acquiring a building for rent, you need to conduct a short survey to determine the potential of the area and how many educational institutions are around the location.


Hostel Business Plan

There are mainly two options to start a hostel business. 1 acquires a building for hostel business or 2 construction of the new building with own investment or loans from other financial institutions. Awesome hostel life quotes


What To Do Before Starting a Hostel Business?

Indeed, initially, you need to conduct a business potential survey to determine the business potential in the said area, if there are many educational institutions that exist or students from surrounding areas are getting admissions in these institutions, then there is a huge hostel business potential.


Points should be Keep in Mind before starting a hostel business: 

Students flow: student flow from other areas is very essential for hostel business; you need to attract them to choose your hostel.  However, it is not an easy job in the initial time, you need to be consistent and think about a long period of time.


Your hostel services, management behavior, safety and security, health, and hygiene standard foods, good playground, attractive rooms with all necessary requirements, and all with affordable charges are basic tools to attract students.


Existing Hostel Businesses: thoroughly visit and determine what types of facilities they providing to the students and how much they charge them.


In the initial period, provides maximum facilities with low charges and attracts students through different marketing tools i.e. shared room facility, car parking facility, clean environment, space for sports activities, and more.


Hostel Business Marketing Strategies: Adopt the newest marketing strategies to attract students to get registered with your business. Outreach your business through the local newspaper, social media, print media, social contacts, interactive sessions, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, and more. Hostel choosing Tips


Hostel Room Charges with Facilities: Cheap rooms charges with good facilities are the best marketing strategy to enhance business in the initial days. No, lose no profit in the 1-year business is best and gradually increase the room charges with getting business in a suitable position.


But you need to conduct room charges comparison survey to determine the actual facts and figures from other hostels, then decide the room charges and try to keep the charges below other hostels.


Existing Hostels Environment: Try to provide a good hostel environment and do not compromise with the standards of acceptance i.e. best and attractive rooms, quality and healthy foods allocate separate physical exercise areas for students, free WI-FI facilities, neat and clean relax area,  sports ground, safe and secure car parking area, motivated hostel management, quick assistance support, and first aid medical facilities to the students.


Frequently Ask Questions:

Is Hostel Business Profitable?

Hostel business is time taking process to cross the break-even time, you need to be consistent and try to deliver the best services to the coming students with low charges in the initial period of time. 

If you do this, the students will play a marketing ambassador role about your hostel and services and that can turn over your business into profit.


1st-year hostel business will definitely go to lose or break even, but you need to focus for a long period of time.  

If your services are satisfactory, 2nd- year your hostel business cross the break-even and come into the profitable.


How To Train Hostel Staff?

Appointment of hostel train staff is a difficult task and you need to offer best salary and benefits to train staff. This will motivate train staff from other hostels to apply for the announced position. 

Attract with different methodologies thoroughly good salary package, best accommodation facilities, introduce employee safety nets and benefits, provide job security, and use motivational tools to attract train staff to be part of your business.


Develop comprehensive training and development plan for the staff and allocate some sort of annual budget for capacity-building opportunities. 

Organize indoor events and celebrate the best performers and give them appreciation tokens to keep them motivated. Hostel room organizing tips


Arrange an outdoor travel plan once a year to get fresh and contribute their best to make your hostel business successful. Minimize communication gap between management and support staff for better performance to get quick actions if needed.


How To Keep Student’s Record Properly?

Indeed, keeping the student's proper records in a hostel is the key task of hostel management, try to introduce a software system and get all personal information of newly admitted students and provide all data to the concerned sections, so they all can update student’s records with just one click. 

Collect scan copies of identity cards, school admission letters including recent photos with full face identification.


Develop Weekly Food Menu?

With consultation of hostel management and kitchen staff, introduce healthy and tasty food menu and display it in general notice board for information of students. Keep a cushion for special day celebrations menu as well. 

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