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Hostel Student's Top 10 Problems

Hostel Student's Initial Problems

Hostel life has been seen as a less demanding alternative to private living. But, in reality, many students are encountering problems while studying in hostels that aren’t seen in more traditional accommodation options. So what are the most common problems for students?


Life for a student, who moves to another city every summer or to a new city in a bigger country, can be difficult and lonely. It’s hard for a student to make friends there. 

They have to keep themselves to themselves until they can find a hostel, and gradually students adjust themselves to the new environment, by making new friends. 

But newly inducted students still need to be familiar with the new culture, new people, and new learning atmosphere.


What are the 10 most difficult phases when we go to the hostel for the first time?

Probably students can face some difficulties in their initial days in a hostel, most of the common difficulties are: Learn what challenges face in the hostel


Hostel environment: Indeed, in the initial days the newly inducted students feel a disturbance due to new colleagues, new roommates, new procedures, new location, new atmosphere, new bindings, new terminologies, new friends, new management, new room design, new restrictions, new study timetable, new life routines, and new environment of the hostel.


Trust Deficit: in the initial days, the newly inducted students face a huge trust deficit and it is a high wall between students to trust each other. In the initial days, students do not trust each other and feel alone in the hostel.


Understandings: getting an understanding between class fellows are roommates take time to understand others. In the initial days, an unknown hesitation occurred between students and it decreases gradually to understand the feelings and living styles of other partners.


Hostel Rules Familiarity: adaptation of hostel rules and regulations for the newcomer is a big task to comply with set rules. In the initial phase, students break the hostel rules due to a lack of awareness of the rules. But later on, they adopted the compliances of hostel life.


Communication Hurdles: due to shyness and unfamiliarity with hostel life, students often feel hurdles in communicating with the hostel management. But later on, they overcome communication hurdles to communicate confidently.


Judging the Roommates: It is very difficult to judge the new class fellow or hostel roommate in starting days, at that time, students feel alone or uncomfortable for a while. But later on, both adjust themselves to be friends


Safety of Own Things: Keeping all things in a secure area in the hostel room is a challenge for the newcomer students, due to the trust deficit among the roommates. Keeping own things safe and secure in starting days is a big problem.


Cleaning Cloths & Uniforms: Managing own things like cleaning clothes, polishing choices, pressing uniforms and more task is a big task for the new coming students in the hostel.


Limited Financial Resources: Maintaining own pocket money in hostel life is not easy for the new students in the hostel, many students spent their pocket money on useless buying starting.


Restrictions: There are several policy restrictions implemented in hostel life to maintain discipline, but in some cases, extra restrictions badly affect the student’s life in the hostel. New students always face these kinds of restrictions i.e. study time, free time, breakfast time, lunchtime, dinner timetable, etc. University-provided hostel benefits


Dear readers, we’ll try our best to list down the basic hostel life problems that May students face in their initial days. This is a draft post and welcomes your valuable feedback to improve it. Your comments and feedback should come to us through the comments box.

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