Family vs Hostel Life | Kid’s Story

I told you, if you are scoreless in exam then you have to go to a hostel please give me last chance I still remember that day when my parents send me a hostel.

Hostel life is not so bad you can wake up whenever you want ready itself too no parents restriction do watch family vs hostel life if you love normal life then hit till 3 lakh like.

Its 8:00 clock wakeup fast
It’s only 4:00 let me sleep more
Take this brush
Sleep here too
Now get ready for school
Where are you going at 5:00 am?
To take Bharat Ratna from the president
They even didn't wake up at 5:00 am
Mummy, why did you wake me up at 5:00 am?
The bus will come at 8:00 am
Go by walk, you'll definitely reach till 8:00 am
It's 6:00 clock

Anantya does fast, otherwise, you'll be late for assembly Anantya Anand and noodle get ready within 2 minutes only 2 minutes left I brush yesterday come fast, we're getting late.

Bunty are you coming to drop me at the station surely, you stop I'm coming quickly hostel life is better, no family drama and tension you can also come as your score is also good the interview will be in English, it's gonna very tough for me to write and speak In the past I was afraid too and then I learned English from mastery.

Give me your phone, download the master on your phone too then you can also speak English from the hostel app but how from the hostel app you can speak English fluently and with full confident true? 30+ Hostel Life Quotes

My admission interview was in English did you get scared in the interview with hostel app, my English get improved In the hostel there is some friend who has their own Youtube channel and also writes a comic book then they podcast too with hostel AAP podcasting become useful.

The specialization of the hostel is that one teacher teaches only four students there is so little food to eat and not so much for sweet even why Paratha is so crisp? eat this chappati, I ate so much, That I don't feel hungry for 5 days, what's today meal in the mess, In the mess, they don't cook the food they make a fool.

After seeing the food, you miss your mom? No, this is tears of joy, today I got lentils if you get boondi in raita, then give it to me, you are an expert to ruin everything, so spread raita you'll easily found boondi ( fried chickpea flour ).

I have noodles, let's make in the room.
Press container give me water Vani noodles.
Now we have to wait.
Noodles are ready now
Hey, you hit Bunty
Hello, Brother, my neighbor hit me. You wait
You bring 3 friends to scare me.
I throw the key outside, Now save you.
I'll handle him.
I'll handle this little one
Brother, I don't know him.
He doesn't even ready to accept this.


Give me one chance to run.
Friends, C wing girls fought with me.
Anantya has fought with someone.
Anantya has fought with someone. Bring stones
Anantya has fought with someone, bring sticks
Don’t dare to mess up with A-wing girls

Anantya, you have made the room so messy have seen If you have seen then clean the room

Anantya, you again mess the room
Why are you sitting on the floor?
If I sat on the bed, then again you said to me that why I mess the bed.
Oh, today is Sunday, that's why everyone is cleaning the room.
I have to do also
What if I found my lost stuff?
Yeah, I found my brush
Okay, this is your brush. I used to whiten my shoes from this
Oh my lost towel
This is your towel
I'm using this as mop
Now tell me where is my belt?
I want to change my room?

Hey, listen take your pen to fill the form
You have my pen too
Is this your pen?
You get tired after studying so much. Eat this pastry.
This is my favorite pastry. Thank you so much
Finish this sandwich also; otherwise, your mom will finish me.
Your breakfast is ready to, come fast.
Feeling so hungry, I miss even mess food
Snacks are also finished
See Vani is coming from home

She definitely brings some food to eat
The whole hostel is empty
First, hide ladoos
Hey, wait
Only one ladoo left

What happened Ananya?
I have fever
Hey, listen, Ananya health is not good
I have headache
Now I'm feeling good
Whom do you want to talk?

Anantya Anand
What happened mom, I'm fine
I'm not a child anymore
Why I'm feeling cold
I think I have a fever
I hope, the mother is here
I should not talk to her like this
See, I'm here

Sorry, I talk to you very rudely
oh no, You have a fever
Let's go home now

Look who's here I came all the way from my hometown to meet you speak English so good you downloaded Hostel on my phone, so I learn English from there

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