Helpful Steps to Login GCU Portal 2022

Dear students welcome to the Grand Canyon University (GCU) If you go to the GCU web page you'll see the navigation bar where you will see the helpful steps to login GCU Student Portal 2022 with 7 dropdown menus.

GCU Student Portal

If you are a current student then click on the current students when you see the current student page, gradually scroll down the page, and click on portal login, and now you are on the GCU Student Portal home page. GCU Students can log in by giving the registered user name and password?

The Grand Canyon University GCU Student Portal is the easiest way to access all information with just one click. To do this you’ll be able to enter the official web pages of GCU.


GCU Student Portal Security Guidelines

Grand Canyon University provides a unique access code to every student to give them access to the online materials.  

GCU students should make sure their personal identification, Access Password, and other login information are kept confidential.


GCU Student Portal Guidelines

1   Log off, your screen, or use strong and unique password-activated screen savers when going away from your system.

     Protect your login credentials within a safe and secure place or device, so others cannot steal them.

     Make sure you are alone while you log in to your GCU portal and do not share personal information with other classmates.

     Do not use multiple systems to log in to the GCU student portal. Use only GCU provided a system to access.

     Activate 2 step verification authentication processes to get safe and secure.

     Keep unique and rememberable security questions to easily recall when needed.

     GCU support is happy to show you around LoudCloud, help you submit your online assignment, and contact you for troubleshooting


We hope the above 7 points will bring you to a safe and secure place, and all students should avoid stealing personal identification. GCU Library Access Point

For more details, students can watch the video below or read this article till the end for complete understanding.


GCU student Portal Process:

The process of login in GCU Student Portal is very simple and user-friendly navigation. Do the following 4 stages to enter the main page.


  1. Access the GCU Student Portal by navigating to
  2. Select Student Access Button.
  3. Enter your GCU email address (
  4. Sign in to your account and access your personal info.


GCU LoudCloud LMS system?

LoudCloud Learning Management System

Grand Canyon University Announces Completion Of Transition To LoudCloud Learning Management System For Online Students.


How To Login GCU LoudCloud?

If you are accessing your classroom through the GCU Student Portal, the login information is your GCU email address and password. 

If you choose to log into LoudCloud directly, use your regular GCU username, without and the same GCU password.

GCU Student Portal

If students face any issue related to the GCU login process, can access it through the support center and interact with the concerned person.

Support GCU Login Portal

Grand Canyon University, Arizona’s premier, private university help students find their purposeful life with the next generation education, including more than 270 academic programs with over 200 online programs. Washington State University Login Process

Grand Canyon University GCU offers new residence halls, amenities, academic buildings, and staff of the art. 

GCU also provides support facilities on campus, student supports resources, dynamic online classrooms, innovative learning experience, and more.

What Types of GCU Degree Programs?

  1. GCU Business & Management
  2. GCU Criminal Justice, Government & Public Administration
  3. GCU Engineering & Technology
  4. GCU Medical Studies & Sciences
  5. GCU Nursing & Health Care
  6. GCU Performing Arts & Digital Arts
  7. GCU Psychology & Counseling
  8. GCU Teaching & School Administration
  9. GCU Theology & Ministry


What Are GCU Degree Levels?

  1. GCU Certificate
  2. GCU Doctoral
  3. GCU Bachelors
  4. GCU Master's


Where Are GCU Program Locations?

  1. GCU Online
  2. GCU Campus
  3. GCU Evening


What are GCU Admission Requirements?

Grand Canyon University (GCU) invites candidates above 16 years old and older for the first entry admission process. 

We are looking forward to welcoming future graduates with diverse interests, experiences, and perspectives, ready to capture academic opportunities with creativity and enthusiasm.

Grand Canyon University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or any other classification protected by law in its programs and activities. GCU MBA Benefits

What Are GCU Academic Programs?

  1. GCU Undergraduate pre-Licensure Program
  2. GCU Graduate Nurse Practitioner program
  3. GCU Doctorate of Nursing Program

In addition to the above, GCU also provides physical training on the following parts to get practical exposure.

What Are The Key Parts of GCU?

  1. GCU Athletic Training
  2. GCU Health Care Administration
  3. GCU Public Health
  4. GCU Informatics
  5. GCU Nursing Education
  6. GCU Nursing Leadership Programs

How Much GCU GPA Required For Admission?
As mentioned above for required GPA is a minimum of 3.0 to be eligible for admission. However, if students have less than a 3.0 GPA should go to ACT or STA score which is at least ACT 19 or SAT 1000.

What is The GCU GPA Standard?
As per the GCU policy, students should have a 3.0 GPA to get admission. However, students could reserve admission to GCU based on the standardized test score as well. 

If a student's ACT score is 19 or SAT is 1000, the student can gain admission to the GCU as long as the student established a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

How Much is GCU Acceptance Rate?
According to the Grand Canyon University record, the full GCU acceptance rate is 76.9% all over the United State. In some cases, Grand Canyon University considers 67% as well.

GCU Tuition Fee Structure and Available Financial Aids:

Triple Occupancy Residence Hall $1,925 per Semester

Double Occupancy Residence Hall $2,300 per Semester


What Are The GCU Apartment Charges?

Single apartment $3,300 per Semester

Double apartment $ 2,900 per Semester

Studio Single Apartment $ 2,900 per Semester


What is the GCU Meal Plans FY 2021-22?

Canyon 250-Computer Students Only $ 250 per Semester

Canyon 775- Returning Students in Apartment $ 775 per Semester

Canyon 1050 Incoming Students in Apartment $ 1,050 per Semester

Canyon 1400 Students in Residence Halls $ 1,400 per Semester

Canyon 1850 $ 1,800 per Semester

Canyon 2150 $ 2,050 per Semester

Canyon 2750 2,600 per Semester


What is the GCU Fee Structure:

Canyon Connect Undergraduate $105 per Class

Registration Deposit Non-Refundable $ 50

Student Activities Fee $300 per Semester

Student Parking Fee $ 50-$150 depends on the lot

House Application Fee $ 250

Housing Prepayment only for returning students non-refundable $200

Return Check fee for all return checks $25

Students Health Insurance $2,239

Transcript Fee $8

Graduation Fee $150

Health Fee $ 80 per Semester

Health Center Visit Fee $ 25

Semester Change Fee $ 25

Late Payment Fee $ 25

Global Studies Portfolio Fee $ 90


GCU Hospitality Management Fee $ 100 per Semester:

Golf Management Fee $ 100 per Semester

Premium Program Fee $ 900 per Semester

Nursing Program Fee $2,000

Worship Arts Premium $2,000


GCU Undergraduate Traditional On-Campus for Full Students:

Tuition is $16,500 for living on/off-campus.

ABSN living off Campus $27,200.

Living with parents $ 16,500.

ABSN living with Parents $ 27,200.


Books/Electronic Resource Fee $800

Room** $ 51, 00

Board** $ 2,700

Personal Expenses $ 5,700

Fees $ 1,300

GCU Academic Year Total $ 32,100


FAFSA Benefits:

If the students are eligible and meet the requirements the federal government provides financial assistance for higher education. The FAFSA helps determine students’ eligibility for federal student aids programs.


FAFSA Student Loans and Private Student Loans:

In addition to scholarships and grants, a student loan facility is available for high achiever students to complete their degree program from GCU. 

However, the federal student loans must be repaid even if you do not complete your degree.

GCU Scholarship Opportunities:
The Grand Canyon University welcomes worldview perspective into all of its more than 200 online education programs. Online students at GCU received over $100 million in scholarships in 2020. 

There are a variety of online scholarships are available for students earning their degree through Grand Canyon University's online evening courses. For more details visit the GCU official website and search the scholarships.

Students from all over the world can find current scholarship opportunities as well by visiting our official website 

Frequently Ask Questions

GCU  Degree Acceptence:

The Grand Canyon University is well known online education institute in America It is a well-respected university and has recently joined Division 1 of the NCAA. 

Often online degrees from different educational institutions are never worthy and, no, it is not a known university. Are online universities such as Grand Canyon University Online or Western Governor's universities are bad ideas or bad investments?


What is the GCU Grading Scale?

The following undergraduate grading system is an exercise at Grand Canyon University. The 100-point grading scale is the standard for all GCU undergraduate courses, although point scales may differ by college or program. GPA Calculator (Grand Canyon University)


GCU GPA Calculation Table:





CGPA Value


















Does GCU Diploma mill?

Overall, if you compare the signs of a degree mill with Grand Canyon University’s history, academic practices, accreditation, and values, you will find that the university does not fit the description of a diploma mill.


Are GCU Campuses Safe?

On-Campus Crime Stats: 675 Incidents Reported Grand Canyon University reported 675 safety-related incidents involving students while on campus in 2019. 

Of the 3,990 colleges and universities that reported crime and safety data, 3,916 of them reported fewer incidents than this.


Does GCU a Real University?

Despite its small size, Grand Canyon University is a real, well-known and, reputable university. GCU was founded in 1949 and has been growing ever since!


Does GCU Accredit With HLC?

Grand Canyon University has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1968. Grand Canyon University is also authorized in Arizona by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.


Which is Better Nationally or Regionally Accredited?

If you are looking at a more technical or vocational subject of study, then a nationally accredited school may have the best programs for you. 

Regionally accredited colleges score “better” on other dimensions, such as academic reputation, transfer of credit, and the widest possible acceptance by other universities.


How Long GCU Semester?

Grand Canyon University is on a semester system. Semester systems are typically around 14-16 weeks long.


How Much is GCU Per Credit Hour?

The typical range for all undergraduate programs is $395 to $470 cost per credit hour. Graduate classes range from $365 to $695 per credit, depending on the area of study.


How Do I Get My Unofficial Transcript From GCU?

Request Your GCU Transcript and make sure all account holds are cleared with a zero balance. Contact your student services counselor (SSC)

GCU Introduced New Writing Style for Lower and Upper Division Courses

GCU is implementing a progressive approach to the use of APA writing style for the benefit of all students. Lower-division courses will use a modified set of APA requirements called “GCU Style” that enables students to focus their attention on content development and proper citations. 

Upper-division courses will incorporate additional elements to support the more advanced work that is reflective of the discipline and will generally follow the 5th edition of APA style, eventually transitioning to the 6th. Upper-division English courses will use MLA style.


Both the APA and MLA manuals have recently been updated. GCU will be transitioning its resources to the new materials in the Fall of 2010. Until then, GCU will be using:

  1. APA 5th edition
  2. MLA 6th edition

GCU has provided students and faculty with electronic resources for these styles in the Student Success Center tab of ANGEL.


Purchase of the APA or MLA manuals is optional. However, students in the doctoral programs and students entering the graduate Nursing programs as of 2010 will need the level of detail presented in the APA manual and should purchase the 6th edition. These programs will be using the 6th edition immediately.


For reference, the tutorials and templates available to students and faculty in the Writing Center are as follows:


For GCU Lower Division Students:

  1. GCU Format Style Guide (Focused APA)
  2. GCU Format Template Document
  3. GCU Lower Division Writing Rubric Template/Sample
  4. GCU Upper Division and Graduate Students:


  1. APA 5th Style Guide
  2. APA 5th PowerPoint reference
  3. APA Template Document (with Abstract)
  4. APA Template Document (without Abstract)
  5. APA Tutorials

GCU Upper Division and Grad Writing Rubric Templates/Samples

  1. For Upper Division English Students
  2. MLA 6th edition Style Guide
  3. MLA 6th Edition Document Template

GCU Doctoral and New Master’s Nursing Students:

  1. APA 6th Style Guide
  2. APA 6th Template Document (with Abstract)
  3. APA 6th Template Document (without Abstract)

GCU Faculty:

  1. APA 5th and 6th edition comparison document

The new requirements will be increasingly reflected in the rubrics. More weight is given to the content of an assignment and less given to the mechanics of style.


What Is The Writing Style At GCU?

GCU will be implementing a progressive approach to the use of APA writing style for the benefit of all students. Lower-division courses will use a modified set of APA requirements called “GCU

Style” that enables students to focus their attention on content development and proper citations.


What Type of Citation Style is Primarily Used at GCU?

Students of Grand Canyon University (GCU) are required to use the guidelines provided by the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) for preparing written assignments, except where otherwise noted. Introducing the 7th Ed. APA Citation Style, 7th edition:

GCU Postal Address:

Address: 3300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Phone: (602) 639-7500

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