Student Hostel Pre-Requisites | Policies & Procedures

The hostel management should develop comprehensive pre-requisites documentations to allow students to apply for books. 

All the hostel admission documents should be available online to access from anywhere in the country and have a complete securitize mechanism to shortlist the best students for a formal invitation.

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After collection of online or direct submission forms, hostel management deputes experienced employees to check each and every requirement full filed. Incomplete and ambiguous forms should reject in the initial stage.


Hostel management draws minimum acceptance requirements in black and white and makes sure all the requirements should display on all advertisements so the form filtrations will be done easily. What are the good features of a hostel?


What Type of Information Need for Hostel Admission?

The basic information from the students to provide hostel admission is mentioned herein below, but not limited to.


Personal Information:

Student’s name with correct spelling, Father’s name with correct spelling,  residence address with correct information, last school details, address, recent passport size photo with a clear face, and contact person for verification if needed. In addition to the above, student’s date of birth as per verified documents, personal and guardian’s mobile number, or home phone contact.


Emergency Contact Information:

The student should provide information regarding emergency contacts for any issue that arises in the hostel.  Permanent home address, contact person details, landline home number, personal mobile number, email address, etc. 


Accommodation Required For:

Students should mention the semester applied in a hostel, starting to ending years, study subject or department his studying.  The student would provide past year's medical check history including a mental/physical fit certificate.


 Character Certificate:

The student will provide the verified character certificate from the last institution as well as from the local police station to prove he/she has a good character.


Educational Documents;

In the initial registration process, the student will provide the original education documents he obtained from the last institution.  However, photocopies with attestation will be considered for hostel admission.


Hostel Registration Process:

After checking all the above, hostel management including the admission team will review all applications according to their hostel policy. 

The students meeting the all required criteria will get admission on a conditional basis to check his/her behavior and how he/she complying the hostel rules. The student will go through a probation period to prove themselves fit for long-time admission.


Undertaking between Hostel and Student or Parent:

All students of the hostel will compliance the pre-defined hostel code of conduct:



Room Occupation: A student will occupy only an approved room from the hostel management and the decision of the management will be final.


Room Cleanliness: Students will be responsible to keep their room neat and clean. They will keep their disposal things in a basket outside the door; the hostel cleaner will pick all things twice a day.


Room Inspection: The hostel management will visit every room to check all things are in place, Students should open all doors of the cabin, shelves, or even personal bags in front of the inspection team. Learn hostel life's impact on students.


Breakage Charges: The student will be responsible to keep all things safe if any things break due to the negligence of students will be charged from him/her, in addition, disciplinary action will be taken against the students.


Room Lock: All students will be responsible to arrange their own locks to keep personal belongings safe and secure; however, a duplicate key should give the hostel's respective person.


Prohibited Items: Any kind of things i.e. tobacco, Sheesha, alcohol, etc. shall be strictly prohibited in hostel jurisdiction if any student is found in these types of activities; his/her admission will be canceled immediately. 


Dear readers, we do hope the basic information about hostel booking pre-requisites will enhance your understanding, and do hope this short article will give you enough knowledge about hostel booking requirements. 

Please do comments if you want to add something to make this post more informative. 

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