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Top 20 Features of a Good Student Hostel

Features of a Good Student Hostels

How to look at an exceptional student hostel and what makes a good student hostel? What stands out the most for you in a hostel? 
These are below the top 20 basic required features to check for when looking for a new student hostel and the list is compiled from hostel students.

Hostel Common Sitting Area:
Well, an organized common sitting area is the key feature of the hostel attraction. Students do like to spend their free time in the common sitting area to enjoy their free moments.

Hostel Neat & Clean Environment:
A noise-free area environment definitely attracts students to do their studies with full attention. 
A good and awesome environment forces students to do their home assignments without any disturbance.

Hostel Supportive Management/Staff:
Good supportive management provides support to the students and keeps their things going without interruption. 
A supportive team of management is a key feature of the hostel's successful business as well as benefits for students.

Hostel Easy Accessible Location:
Often students prefer to look at hostels around their area to get easy access and do communicate with family. 

Students like to register themselves in the best location hostels where they can easily approach the public transport or school van. What are hostel life problems?

Hostel Flexible Policies & Procedures:
Compact and inflexible policies and procedures always create hurdles among students. 
The hostel should adopt flexible policies to attract students. Meaningful policies and soft implementation mechanisms are good for hostels or students.

Hostel Healthy Food Menu:
A delicious and healthy food menu allows students to register themselves with the hostel kitchen, and it is good to enroll all students by providing healthy foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hostel Decorated Hostel Rooms:
A well-decorated and attractive room is the best feature to attract students providing the best-retrofitting facilities with enough space for students to moments is a good feature to attract students.

Hostel Feasible to Study:
Allowing students to do their college assignments and study in a full-enjoyment atmosphere is good to attract students.

Hostel PlayGround:
A green playground plays a vital attraction in the students to get registration for the hostel. Students can spend their free time getting physical exercise.

Hostel Affordable Charges:
All hostel charges should be in black and white. Affordable hostels including room charges, food charges, and laundry charges should affordable without hidden charges.

Hostel Common Library:
A wide range of reading stuff should be available in the hostel library for the students. A common hostel library plays a key part to invite students.

Hostel Stationery/ Tuck Shop:
Hostel management should provide stationary/ tuck shop facilities to the student on payment methods, availability of all kinds of stationery within the hostel premises is an additional facility where students can buy their needs within the hostel.

Hostel Laundry Facilities:
It is observed, that the students often face laundry facilities within the hostel. However, providing these kinds of facilities even on payment is good to invite students enrollment.

Hostel Indoor Printing Facilities:
Providing the facilities like printing, and photocopying within the hostel premises are used as attractive tools to invite students for admission. Learn hostel life advantages

Hostel Free Wi-Fi:
Access to the free internet is the most demanding facility in all hostels, it is mandatory to allow students to use free Wi-Fi in hostels to do online assignments.

Hostel Pick & Drop Facilities:
It is the basic demand of the students to provide pick and drop facilities. Providing these kinds of services to the students even on payment is good to invite students.

Hostel Lift/Electric Stairs Facility:
It is not mandatory, but additional facilities for the students of 2nd and 3rd-floor rooms. So the students easily use it.

Hostel Tight Security:
Basic life safety nets including perfect security measures also attract students to get admission. Hostel management should provide security that is up to the mark at all times.

Hostel Book Exchange Facilities:
An additional facility that facilitates the students to exchange their books and it is unique and most demanding of students in the hostel. JECRC Hostel Facilities

Hostel First Aid Facilities:
A first-aid facility free of cost is an attractive tool to invite students to enroll themselves in the hostel. 
Hostel management should allocate a trained person to provide first aid to the students on a needs basis.

Dear readers, we hope the above-mentioned information regarding the good hostel facilities will increase your knowledge about the hostel facilities.

The above are basic requirements for students to study in the hostel without any issues. In addition to the above, if you have any idea (s) related to the above can share it with us through the comment box.

We’ll definitely consider and include them in our article or future coming articles. Please do comment and share your feedback or suggestion without any hesitation.

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