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Top 12 Hostel Life Challenges Students Face

Most hostel students are not able to make the desired budget for hostel life. This is due to a working culture in which resources are restricted to the first 30 percent that is employed in the industry.

It is sometimes difficult for students to afford accommodation inside the hostel itself. They often have to settle for short or long-term rent, which all come with their own set of challenges.

Hostel Life Challenges Students

What is the full form of the Hostel?

  1. H: Hostel
  2. O: Oh My God
  3. S: Sleep and Study
  4. T: Time Pass
  5. E: Enjoy
  6. L: Life

Elements of a Hostel:
There are several reasons to choose hostel life; however, it is good for some students and it is bad for some as well.

The good points of hostel life are enabling a study environment, experience sharing opportunities, a learning atmosphere, connection with diversified cultured students, and close coordination with faculties.

Bad points of Hostel life are extra money expenses, the possibility of de-track due to bad roommates, adjustment issues, not feeling comfortable, stressful environment, no free time to enjoy, involve in bad activities i.e. smoking, drinking alcohol, missing family affiliation, and feeling aloneness. Key features of a good hostel

Violence: due to the strict rules and regulations of the hostel, it is always possible to occur violence on the premises of the hostel. 

New students always feel insecure in their initial days in a hostel and miss their home environment as a result of students misbehaving with each other.

Experience Homelessness: teenage students feel homeless and it develops bad habits in students’ minds. Without family and loving ones, students in their teenage feel alone in a hostel and it damages the self-respect of students.

Room Sharing: another real challenge for a teenage student who stays in a shared room with others without interaction. 
This causes a bad effect on the student's minds and students feel insecure in the initial days.

Living Expenses: meeting the living expenses of their children's hostel life is a big ask for low-income families. 

Students with limited resources feel bad as compared to the hi-fi family student. So it distracts and damages the self-ego of the student.

Lesson Learn: Students living in hostels have to deal with the harsh realities of living with the homeless. 

They are put in situations they do not expect and it can be overwhelming. You need to know the challenges you will face before taking on hostel life.

Relationship Challenges:
Making new friends and keeping relations with unknown students is good in some cases, but the majority of cases in relation to maximum cases deal with misleading.

Food Menu/Services:
Instead of the standard student hostels, many hostels do not provide quality food to its student, low-quality foods, including unnecessary particulars in food damage the health of the students. 
So maintaining good health with hostel foods and environment is a big challenge for the newcomer student.

Hostel Warden Misbehavior:
Sometimes hostel wardens interact with students rudely due to the harsh management of the hostel. 
Students feel uncomfortable due to the rude behavior of the hostel warden. Learn the hostel warden job description

Public Transport Station:
There is a public transport station near the hostel, it causes bad habits and is disturbed every time by incoming and outgoing heavy buses.

Dirty/Shared Washrooms:
Often when students on a hurry time to school, most of the hostel washroom is engaged, which makes it difficult for students to prepare themselves for school on time.

Unnecessary Hostel Restrictions:
Sometimes hostel management restricts students’ movements to other areas of the hostel premises. 
These types of restrictions ultimately frustrate the students to spend their free time in the garden or elsewhere.

Conclusion: Students living in hostels encounter many different problems. The problems can be interpersonal, financial, social, or environmental. 
Being able to share with other people in a dorm atmosphere helps people cope with the challenges.

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