Hi everyone my name is Jenney and my name is Laura we are the sorry girls and we are back doing it really exciting dorm hostel room makeover series, This time we chose real students that moved into real dorms and we let them live in the dorm for about a month and now we're here to realize what all their problems are and make them go away and make a whole space beautiful.


Yeah, so we hope this inspires you if you are in a dorm or a small apartment, we also want to thank V8+energy for sponsoring the series and making this all happen, we are here today making over Matt and Olivia's hostel room, They're music students in their first year here and they just moved into this tiny dorm.



They're new friends, and we're going to need to make this space work for both of them. So we've previously met with them and we know what kind of things they want and what issues they have with their dorm and we totally went shopping for them.

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They want a minimalist clean look. But we're seeing like a lot of patterns and when they kind of have two different styles so we want to do something that.


Honors each style, but also kind of makes the whole hostel room look cohesive. Yes, definitely. So, the other dorms we've seen have these shelves nicely stacked towards the end of the beds. But since this dorm is maybe kind of a weird shape the dorm just left them here in the corner.


And it's kind of awkward, so we're gonna try to do something with them without removing them from the dorm and we have this piano here that doesn't have a lot of good space to go in so we're gonna try and play with the layout of the hostel room see if we can find a better spot for this guy's cause clearly.


It's very important to these music students. Okay, so On this side of the hostel room the bed is in front of a closet I mean, that's a huge big problem for me I don't think that works very well She also told us that she can't use her towel rack because who wants wet towels on their bed.


There are so many problems that we want to fix for them, and we love that they have so much fun artwork here especially music themed artwork But we want to make it feel more cohesive with the rest of the hostel room instead of clutter in a tiny little corner, cause it is so beautiful we want to give it its own space.


We kick them out of their hostel rooms, they're gone to class. Let's get started on this hostel room okay, so I think the first thing we need to do is rearrange the layout we want to take these shelves and our idea crazy Idea is to put them in the bottom of the closet and these closets are tiny I don't know if it's gonna fit But I think it's our best-case scenario for the overall like, the layout of the hostel room.


It's not fully gonna fit in the closet, this closet shape is a little bit different than this one, so we're gonna put it towards the end of the bed and it'll still give us a lot of hostel room here. 


Okay, um let's get to decorating. Yeah cool. Maybe it'll start like this way and just go around sure cool All right so first things first we are going to start with doing the walls because there are so many walls in here.


We want to do something really cool, so I thought of doing like a minimalist slash Scandinavian inspired style so we picked up these amazing wall grids and clipboards are like the new art piece, so we're gonna do some cool stuff on the wall But first things first is taking down some of the stuff.


Okay, the walls are looking good. We're gonna add a little a bit more lately, but we're gonna deal with the bedding now and we have nothing wrong with the bedding they have it's beautiful, but we want to get them a cohesive look, so we're gonna give them new bedding.


Okay, so we made a little mess of their desk when we were rearranging everything, but baskets are gonna fix it baskets are your best friend They make everything look organized and neat, and it means you don't really have to get rid of stuff which is great.


So we have this shelf styled for now I think we're gonna work on the other side of the hostel room and do that shelf as well. So for this site we're going to do a little bit more organized with all of our baskets and binder holders, and we're going to take down some of her photos and reposition them on a new gallery wall that's going to be epic.


Okay so our desk is complete, we have our picture frames down now we're gonna move on to hanging the photo frame above the closet space here, we're gonna hang them high it's gonna make the hostel room look amazing and tall and take advantage of the really tall ceilings.


We have the frames here that we want to use and we're just gonna rearrange them before we start putting them up on the wall with removable sticky hooks. For our statement DIY in this hostel room, we're making a giant chalkboard calendar we did some funky math.


But basically, you'll need to make 35 squares because that accommodates for five weeks the most you'll ever need in a month So cut out 35 squares stick them evenly on a surface and you're good to go we're cutting this out of chalkboard vinyl that is sticky on the back and wall safe and a quick tip to make sure your chalk erases nicely off your chalkboard.


Vinyl prime the vinyl by rubbing some chalk on it, and then erasing it and then your chalk should be good to go and another quick tip for some style points, you can use these chalkboard markers on mirrors they show up really opaque, look awesome, and they erase perfectly.


So one of the last things that we want to do is put in some rugs on the floor now, I know the hostel room is already carpet, but rugs are great way to bring color, and texture, and light to a hostel room so we have two that we're gonna layer and style on the floor alright.


We're so close to finishing this hostel room. We need to put the final touches on including stocking this hostel room with our V8+energy, with its natural ingredients, V8+Energy delivers steady energy that lets you feel good about feeling good.


There's no time for trade-offs, No crash for the sake of energy when it comes to getting back into the swing of work in school after summer. Quick tip if you can't use candles or open flames in your dorm, why not try using a reed diffuser It smells good and looks really cute.


We did it, Cheers, Um, I think it looks amazing mm-hmm. This is like my style. I love everything that we did I think it's time to bring back the girls? Yeah, shall we yeah, okay I said no peeking don't you dare? How was your test?


Okay, well this will make up for it. Okay, come back here now. We know you guys wanted a little bit minimalist, but obviously, your style had to still be here Yep, so we gave your gallery wall a little bit of uplift, and we added a giant calendar for you.


We think that the beds work a little better this way, hopefully, you guys love it and I know that you have trouble with the internet so we got you a very long Ethernet cord. So you can sit on your bed and use your computer, what everybody dreams of, right? I didn't know we could solve for you, but we did, so I'm happy about that and we did hook you guys up with some V8+Energy to keep you going studying for that next test.

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