Best Thing of Hostel Life Experience

Wonderful days students spent in the hostel were precious for them to remember those joyful or sad days in their whole life. 

Most of the students share the best and worst experiences they learned in their hostel life. But it is worth it to the students to keep them charged behind their good days at the hostel.


Definitely, a good hostel always provides you the best experience of life and delightful days to remember in your whole professional life. Learn hostel life importance

The most common best experiences are free environments, collective gatherings, sports events, learning methodologies, learning diverse opinions, and more. 

Indeed a good hostel life experience guides students for a long time in their professional life.


Hostel Life Experience

Disadvantages of hostel life:

Rather than the good points of a hostel, in some cases, hostel life sent you to the dark side of life where students lapse their valuable time in useless activities including involving bad activities. 

The common disadvantages of hostel life are, wasting valuable time without the right direction. Involvement in the worst type of activities including affiliation with political and religious parties that totally waste study time.


Why Hostel Life is Better?

Good hostel life teaches students about the best future planning and provides students to do their best efforts to reach their desired destination in professional life. 

A hostel allows students to spend their free time in learning practices and help to develop a good attitude rather than society’s bad impact.


Best Thing About Hostel Life:

As mentioned above, a good hostel is a learning haven for sharp students to be on the right track, young students in the initial days, confused to choose the best lifeline for future direction.

In this case, the hostel is the best place to think the best of the best choice and complete the road map of professional life. How Hostels Impact In Life


Hostel Facilities List:

There are several types of facilities the hostel provides to the students, but all the available facilities and hostel management also alarm students to use these facilities with care.

  1. Free Internet
  2. Playground
  3. 3-time foods
  4. Physical exercise equipment
  5. In some hostels (swimming pools)
  6. Free library access
  7. Uninterruptable electricity
  8. Neat and clean drinking water
  9. An attractive room with furniture
  10. Pick-and-drop facilities
  11. Career counseling events
  12. Joint ventures/ tracking opportunities
  13. Telephone communication facilities
  14. Safety and Security
  15. Book exchange facilities
  16. Enabling environment
  17. Clean washroom, towels, and soaps
  18. Reading materials i.e. research papers, pamphlets, novels, newspapers, etc.


Is the hostel better?

In the hostel, the first 2weeks is will be the toughest time in a student’s life. If any student got admission to the government-provided hostel then, definitely a week or 2 to tell you about real-life examples.

But once students cross this hectic crying, arguing with themselves whatsoever the remaining days will be the best.


I didn't eat anything for eight days (survived on dry fruits and milk) and fainted on the ninth day. Lol and I tell this to everyone who asks me about the hostel. 

Talking about facilities doesn’t expect a huge lot of things from government hostels but if you're in private you'll have better.


I pay $170 for my hostel mess and all that I pay in a month and I'm missing the hostel now. So I hope you can well understand the emotions I have there. 

The hostel becomes your home and you'd love to be around your new friends. You'll curse the hostel food but will end up thanking your stars every day for at least you ate something.

Compromise a little with your taste buds now, you'll learn don't worry. Wash your clothes yourself, and do everything on your own now. You don't have your mom around to manage your work and you're a grown-up now.


Suggestions Might Be Good For Students:

Please do or else the box will be emptied in minutes

Share obviously but return. Don't keep it for long.

Be a good friend. Don't give privacy in the hostel. These will turn into memories later on

Wherever you go, stay together.

Hostel party; don’t forget to enjoy every bit of your stay.

Help your friends. If you are kind of selfish, please change a little, or else you won't be helped at any time you need it the most. So keep this in mind.

Seeing food won't be good doesn't mean you won't eat. Eat well. Also, keep food with you. You will feel hungry late at night.

Don't do bitching about one another. Boys don't do it (an exception exists of course. I’d about girls.

Academics top your list of priorities.

Think hostel to be your home. Keep it clean.

Hostel life is the best life they say and they aren't wrong. It teaches you a hell of a lot of things. 

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