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Hello everybody and welcome to this post I am alone in my hostel room so I figure now is the perfect time to write this I have been traveling now for about 4 months and I have been saying in pretty much just exclusively hostels.


The whole way so I have learned quite a lot about what I need to stay in a hostel and make my stay comfortable because let's just say some have not been comfortable so here are the 10 things that I reckon everybody should have if they're gonna do a hostile trip.


Staying In Hostels

Number one I'm sure everybody already knows this but I've got to include it and that is an eye mask there's always gonna be rooms where people will have the lights on and you want to go to sleep or there are no curtains on the window and it gets bright it like I am but no matter what you're gonna want an eye mask


Number two it's also a given and that is a padlock a lot of hostels have lockers where you can lock away your valuables like your passport your computer your whatever but they don't always have a lock so it's good to have your own just in case.


Number three are thongs or flip flops for the shower because you don't want to get like pina or athletes for some kind of infection from the gross hostile showers yeah they probably clean them every day but you don't know who's been.


Number four is a power bank to charge your phone most modern kind of newer hostels will have a PowerPoint outlet next to every bed so you can charge your phone overnight but just in case you get to a place which doesn't have one next to your bed and you don't want to leave your phone across the room all night charging it's good to have one of these.


Number five ears another given earplugs now these are kind of gross because I lost the proper packaging for them so they're a bit dirty don't look at them I'm gonna buy two on soon but I swear by

these earplugs you know how you can get like the foamy ones that you usually get for free and they just like go in your ear they don't work for me.

I love these like squishy like plastic kind of ones that just like fully go into your ear and mold into that they block out all noise very good because I've seen with a lot of snoring people it's one time I was in Greece and it was a 6-bed dorm and five other people were snoring it was like a symphony all over the room all different pictures it was terrible but I have my earphones

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Number six isn't really something that you can bring with you but it's something I recommend you download and that is a Spotify and white noise playlist and some good headphones because sometimes earphones are not enough once.

I was in a dorm with these two Canadian due to a freaking idiot and they were just like up all night talking really loudly they were really drunk no matter how many times they were like hey can you please be quiet they didn't and I got really annoyed so I couldn't fall asleep because I was so irritated at them.

I put in white noise on my headphones and just listen to that one for more you might have blocked the mountain it kind of calmed me down there are a few good playlists on Spotify you can just download I mean if you don't want to fight out a name or do something else.


Number seven is waking cane up because you're gonna be cooking probably if you want to be saving money Hoonah me using the hostile kitchen to cook chances are you're gonna cook more than enough for one meal at a time pop it in a Tupperware container chuck it in the fridge there's your dinner for tomorrow.

Your lunch for tomorrow it's also a good way to keep yourself safe in the fridge because some are for that they just love to eat other people's food in a hostile fridge so if you could go through shopping and you've got vegetables or meat or whatever it's probably less likely to be stolen if it's in a Tupperware container with your name on it


Number eight is washing powder because you're I mean you can use Laundromats and washing machines yeah Parcells along the way but it's a lot easier just do your own washing in a sink so I just have a simple up bag full of washing powder.

Little bit suspect but whatever just sort of fill up a bucket or a sink with hot water add a little bit of this and then just scrub away it's a really good way to also clean like socks and underwear on the go-between big washes I've hopefully only done maybe four big washes in a washing machine.

This trip and the rest I sort of just have been hand washing along the way so that's a good way to cut costs socially because sometimes you'll go to a Laundromat and it'll be like ten euros for a wash and dryer sorry but that's like three meals I'm not going to do that okay


Number nine is a tote bag because sometimes you're gonna be stuck on a top bunk I hate just being on the top bunk because I like to have with me when I'm sleeping like I want my phone I want my portable charger I want my earphone maybe I want the computer.

I want to watch something as I fall asleep maybe I want my book maybe I want my water bottle and if I'm just lying in bed on the top bunk with all this I'm over it it's probably gonna fall out onto my neighbor below so I'm so smart I came up with this idea that I'm just gonna like keep it all in a tote bag and then you can just hang it over the edge of your bed and then all your stuff is within easy reach but not gonna fall in anyone okay lastly


Number ten this has been a game-changer for me I was always against packing cubes and then I got some and they are the best I thought that it would just be extra shooting my value but I didn't want to carry around,

But it's so good I have two of them each we have just like filled with clothes and then I put those in my backpack and then I just have like those plus my toiletry bag plus another random bag full of electronic bits and bobs and that's all I've got in that it is so much better than just having a bag full of random clothes that I've got to like pull out to find something at the bottom instead I unzip my bag and all I’ve got is like four or five big things.

I can go into these things to find what I need it's so much better especially if you're in hostels and you don't have a lot of space you just like spread all your stuff out it's so good so those are my top ten things and I've also got two bonus things for you that I have seen other people do that I kind of want to copy so I've just got to get around to buying this.


Number Eleven is a pillowcase I saw someone who brought their own pillowcases to every hospital it was like a nice like soft pillowcase and she was like yeah everyone says that they clean their sheets and they change the sheets for every guest but do you actually know that they're doing that I was like oh that's a good point the thought of putting my face on like a dirty pillowcase if kind of gross.

But I mean I haven't done anything about it yet so that's an idea I need to get a pillowcase and carry that around with me it might be a little bit overkill so maybe don't even need to do it but it's just thought the second thing is a DIY curtain so a lot of hostels have like privacy curtain across best.

You can sort of pull across before you go to sleep and I saw this guy get out a piece of elastic and tie it from one end to the other and then hang his towel over the tops and it sort of like made his own curtain which was kind of a really good. 

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