Hostel Life in The Times of COVID-19

What’s going on searchers as I tell by the title of this post, I decided to book a hostel in 2021. You may think I’m crazy but I’m gonna explain why I did it what it's been like and how you can do it.

Safely too stay tuned, hi my name is Ashley and I have a passion for world travel so when I lost my corporate job back in 2019. 

It only made sense and was a lot cheaper for me to put everything in storage and live full-time out of a carry-on suitcase so I booked a one-way ticket and hit the road in search of what the new normal of travel looked like.

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But more importantly, I’m in search of what my new normal looks like I am in search of a traveler and what's going on searchers so I know that you guys are wondering why am I staying in a hostel this week when my thing is hotels and, to be honest.


It's because I’m headed to Thailand next and Thailand has this mandatory quarantine where you have to stay in government-approved hotels unfortunately, I can't use my travel hacking to get a good deal so I needed to figure it out away.


To save some money so that my budget would balance for the month when I go to Thailand one of my friends, suggested I check out the hostel I found one in the center of Mexico City for less than five bucks a night and the rest is a history not only do I have my own capsule.


But the hospital is pretty empty so it's easy to the social distance I’m able to close my curtain so that I feel.

safe in when I sleep and most people are wearing masks so it's been working out they have tons of amenities including a gym and a rec room they even host tours so it's a pretty good deal.


and breakfast is included every morning which is a sandwich of water juice and yogurt so I’m loving it the hostel has so much history and beautiful architecture that I kind of feel like it.

I’m in a way I’m staying in a hotel and the best part is it's right in the middle of Mexico City which if you've never been to such a cool and vibrant city with an amazing food scene.


I thought I’d take you guys along with me to lunch let's go how cool is my lunch spot today look at this.

Looks so delicious I can't wait to eat it you guys it's so crazy that we're on top of a hassle right now who would have thought that all this would exist at a hostel.


I love Mexico City and look at the amazing food that arrived I got tacos I got guacamole and I got a mojito.

I need another one these were only three dollars gracias cheers they are the best three-dollar cocktail I’ve ever had delicious okay searchers so I got five tacos with so much guacamole I couldn't even finish it.


A margarita that was really strong and kind of drunk a mojito and a Fresca for less than 20 bucks was amazing that was probably one of the best meals I’ve had in Mexico City so far.

Now I need some ice cream so now the hunt for the ice cream begins taste testing I think I like the lemon though can I try one more.


The mango I like the lemon and the mango got two scoops one scoop of lime and one scoop of mango and now they're gonna let me try this sauce that I might put on let's see no it's not bad it's like a non-spicy.

The version of Tahini what it's not bad but I don't think I want it on my ice cream okay guys so I finally found my ice cream. Read Hostel COVID Prevention Tips 

Frequently Ask Questions:

What Are Some Tips For Staying Safe at Home During COVID-19?

  • Stay home as much as possible.
  • Wear a mask when you go out in public.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched.
  • Get vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19.


What Are Some Things I Can Do To Stay Sane While Staying Home?

  1. Set up a dedicated workspace.
  2. Create a daily routine.
  3. Make time for exercise and relaxation.
  4. Stay connected with friends and family.
  5. Find new hobbies and interests.
  6. Take care of your mental health.


What Resources Are Available To Help Me Stay Safe and Sane At Home?

The CDC website has a wealth of information on COVID-19 prevention and resources.

Your local health department can provide information and support.

There are many online and in-person support groups for people who are struggling with the isolation of staying home.

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