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Hostel Funny Moments


A few years ago I used to be basically flashpacking in southeast Asia. At one point within the very famous Sunflower hostel, once I was traveling Vietnam from south to north by easy rider, absolutely the most fun thing ever in my hostel life happened in my dorm.


Now, if anyone of you guys or girls have ever been to the sunflower hostel in Hoi An, Vietnam, Things get wildly out of hand there almost a day. It’s far and away from the simplest party hostel in Hoi An.


Anyway, I used to be in an 8 person mixed dormitory with 3 other boys and 4 girls. one among the boys was a native Vietnamese, 2 girls were German, the two boys from the United Kingdom, and therefore the other two girls I don’t know where they were from as they didn’t hang around with us that much but only went out as a duo.


Every day you get assigned a replacement bed for a few weird reasons I also don’t know exactly why. So basically, at some point you'll be sleeping in bed 1, the subsequent day you're told to sleep in bed 6 then on. COVID Prevention Tips Hostel Students


When I first received the check-in, there was already a woman ahead of me complaining that she awakened on a top bunk with a rat next to her head, what an excellent start already.


I couldn’t rotate and sign up elsewhere, as I had already booked with an app and paid beforehand for 3 days. I had actually read numerous wild stories about this particular hostel that I didn’t even want to travel to elsewhere, to be really honest.


After I checked in, I buy assigned bed number 2, the highest bunk in room D. once I walked by the hallway to the space, I totally realized why this is often such a celebration hostel.


Basically from where you check-in, there's just one hallway straight to the pool then all the dorm rooms are on each side of this hallway, with all the space doors open 24/7, nobody closes them, and everybody is in each other’s dormitory the entire time, partying, drinking, smoking weed, taking nitrous oxide balloons and what have you ever.


As I enter my room, I small talked with the two German girls and located that they also came from Mui Ne and were heading to Hue next, which was also my next destination. Let me be very clear here:

Most are basically doing an equivalent circle and quite often you meet people in another city or maybe in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, or Malaysia afterward in your travels.


I couldn’t really talk with the native Vietnamese guy, because his English wasn’t too well but we were comfortable with one another. I placed my backpack within the locker and visited the swimming bath area.


When I entered the pool area, I didn’t believe my very own eyes. Everyone was insanely drunk at like what, 11:00 AM or something?


I decided I could maybe also try a Vietnamese beer but also with something to eat. So I took out a menu card from one among the menu cardholders on one among the tables and ordered the dish that immediately grabbed my attention called no-name chicken.


It was just a plate of rice with a couple of chicken pieces on top and a few cucumber slices on the side. In Thailand, this is able be called Khao Man Kai. Ah well, that’s SEA, I assumed and just ate my dish and enjoyed my beer whilst watching all the people around me.


I couldn’t help noticing that one among the German girls I just had spoken to was clearly being picked up by one among English guys that I might later know also slept in my dormitory.


I thought that this was my chance to select up the opposite German girl, as now she had nobody to speak to and it’s kinda sad if she was being overlooked. 

As I used to be close to finishing my beer, an English guy ordered Sambuca shots for the four folks and that we sat down at one among the tables and began playing Charades.


This went on all day and that we got drunk every hour. At around ten o’clock PM we started moving towards Old Town alongside the entire opposite hostel guests.

There we visited why not Bar and took tons of additional shots and nitrous oxide balloons until the bar closed. The opposite English guy, the friend of the one who was basically with the German girl I wasn’t with, was so drunk he did something outrageously in-polite. What is a hostel attendance system?


Outside each house or business, there are these little Buddha shrines where Buddhist people put all types of sweets, lanterns, and also cans of beer in. Yes, Buddha likes beer, in order that they put beer cans within the shrine.


Buddha’ said English guy as he drunkenly grabbed one among the beer cans from the small shrine and shotgunned it. 

This started a touch fight with the local nitrous oxide balloon seller, who by the way seems like a loony together with his weird hat on always. Although he's actually quite smart as he's just the owner of the bar, selling nitrous oxide balloons to his patrons.


One of the Vietnamese guys pulled a machete as long as my arm and that we backed off. The drunken English guy kept arguing but eventually, we dragged him away and nobody was hurt.


Now we all just literally stumble back to the Sunflower Hostel and this is often once I met this super funny Australian guy with black hair and glasses of whom I can’t remember the name, who was literally chain-smoking cigarette after cigarette, lighting one with subsequent. 

He shouted: ‘’you skills f*caking cheap cigarettes are compared to Australia? It’s like two cents nothing here man it might literally be…


This was the extent of intelligence at that point. Finally, we made it to the hostel as we took a wrong turn somewhere because it’s super dark there with no street light lanterns or anything plus do consider the very fact that we were all highly intoxicated.


We all enter dormitory D and have a little after-party in there with some Banh Mi sandwiches and a few rock bottom whiskeys from the seller ahead of the hostel. 

Finally, we all fell asleep except an English guy with the German girl, they were having intercourse, very drunk and loud and eventually, an English guy fell asleep on top of her or something as she had to ask the German girl I used to be with and me to tug him off her.


The next morning I awaken completely hangover to the horrible sounds of a really loud shouting Vietnamese voice. it had been the native Vietnamese whom I had seen earlier that day in our dormitory but not anymore since the drunken haze started at 11 PM the day before.


He was trying to mention in broken English that the German girl had had sex with an English guy in his assigned bed which he was very upset and angry about this. She was like: ‘’go get another bad dude, don’t be such a d*CK’’. On which he replied with something like ‘’okay, you'll see’’.


The Vietnamese guy left the space and about five minutes later the German girl notices her bag is missing. We all helped searching but there was no sign of the bag. She was totally upset as her passport was in there, her ATM card.


I had some excursion or tour that day and that I didn’t actually need to miss that so I wanted the German girl good luck find the bag and went on the tour. 

Once I came back that evening from the tour the German girl was still very upset within the room and said that her parents had wire-transferred her other friend money so she could get a replacement passport at the embassy and to fund the remainder of her travels.


Then all of the sudden, the Vietnamese native guy walks in and casually sits on his new bed, saying that he found the bag. ‘’Yes, I found it, it had been within the hallway.’’ He then continued by opening his locker, taking his backpack, and left the dormitory, never to be seen again.


The German girls were shocked to the bone. The girl whose bag it had been quickly opened it but nothing was missing. 

ATM card still there, passport still there, because the girls had already verified to maneuver to a replacement hostel closer to the German embassy, they visited to take a fast shower brushed their teeth, put up makeup and new clothes on, and moved to the common entrance area, and waited there for his or her taxi to select them up. What is the role of the warden?


I was kinda following them because I felt sad for the women and that I actually wanted to stay seeing the girl I used to be with or even see her again somewhere later in my travels.


In the common area were computers for common use to see mail, post something on Facebook, or print out an e-ticket. 

The German girl that was with me the day before wanted to upload some pictures from the GoPro onto her Facebook and she or he said to the opposite girl: 

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