Top 5 Things To Make Your Hostel Room Cool

What's going on everybody a lot of you guys be requesting for this post right here today we're gonna be doing part two of things to make your room your apartment your hostel your overall living space is that much more swag gear I got a lot of cool things to show you guys.


Let's get right into it first item up we got a sneaker storage box from you nailed it on Etsy huge shout out to Brandon from your nail that for putting this together for us and basically what this is a giant wooden storage box that mimics the actual look of a sneaker box.


Make Your Hostel Room Cool

I mean they look pretty similar right they come in all shapes and sizes different variations and this one right here is really dope because it is large enough where you can actually store it like probably like 10 pairs of sneakers on top and it has this storage compartment at the bottom where you can even store more sneakers.


Display your sneakers instead of a bunch of boxes in your room stacking up on each other holes right here and then it also doubles up as a coffee table you guys saw it on the hype sock we use it as a coffee table open to a dairy very special episode of hype sake I've seen a ton on Instagram there's a bunch of variations of them.

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Basically, just have to Google and see what you like out there there's not like one person out there that makes the best sneaker storage boxes out there that I've seen and you can make your sneaker box look like whatever sneaker that you want for me I just wanted to get the classic Nike box right.


You know some people are seen with the Jordan I've seen someone’s that Adidas so there you guys have it the sneaker storage box is a great way to store your sneakers in a creative way alright guys next item up for the sneaker storage you got the full stack.


Sneaker shelves I first saw these on Kick starter and right when I saw these shelves I thought it was a great way to display your sneakers in his face efficient way so as you guys can see the way the sneakers are stacked upon each other you're able to display 10 pairs of sneakers aren't only two shelves and it doesn't take on a space as a lot of other shelves.


It's a really efficient way to display sneakers without taking up too much space and a lot of other shelves you're only able to place the speakers inward so you're only able to see the front of the sneakers or the back, anyone, I got these shells right here they were pretty early in their Kick-starter campaign but I just checked on their website and since then they have improved greatly on their design I've seen them now they just include the inside part right here were the shoes.


Stack up on each other but as far as all this wooden exterior part that has been eliminated overall I got to give a huge shout out to them, these are a great way to display sneakers, and thank you for providing these right here it's a great efficient way of showing off your sneakers.


Moving right along this is really when you want to set the mood on them you know the thing of the day in it we got the LED smart lights you know we're in 2021 and I know these lights look like regular lights but these are LED smart lights and you can control them from your phone so right now they look really normal right you know when you walk into the hostel you're not gonna really think twice about them but you know.


She wants the tropical vibe and then you hit her with the tropical twilight and barrel okay so she's going like the purple the lavender right there okay you could hit him with the Arctic aura there we go right there so basically what these are our LED lights that you can control from your phone.


You can control the lighting the dimness they kind of feel that you're going for that room it's pretty cool you can even coordinate the bulbs to go along with your Siri or your Amazon Alexa I've even seen it where you could walk into the room and they'll turn on automatically so basically, you could pick a photo and you could get the lights to mimic that photo right there so let's mimic this Hawaiian sunset and bam you've got the orange right there.


For the Sun you've got the lavender for the sky Hawaii sunset right in your room baby all right moving right along next item up to make your living space a little bit cooler we got some wallpapers first thing I gotta say is wallpapers have come a super long way I gotta give a huge shout out to a wall street public for providing this wallpaper that you.


Guys see right here but man oh man the amount of wallpapers that you have to choose from nowadays is endless and crazy I just saw a forest background and he saw like a beach background but if you don't want something super crazy like that you could get something as we got for our heart talk before the hike talk was looking super.


Playing and we just had a blinking ball but now we kind of have like a 3d texture right here something pretty simple and pretty low-key they show you really great photos on their website of what you guys could get so overall a really great way to spice up any room it can completely change the entire look of a room so there you guys have it super easy super simple wallpapers for your castle all right next item up perfect.


For any secret lover, we got the sneaker neon light from Kick starter so you guys might have seen this in the new background in my posts and went out a lot of people have been asking about it is an Air Jordan one neon light display it's really dope really vibrant and you guys get any a sneaker that you want to be made from kick start but for myself, the Chicago is one of my favorite singers of all time I had to get it.


It is very classic so kind of has this nice wooden base right here and then we got the details of the Chicago ones with the plastic background right here hold on let me turn it on for you guys damn alright as you guys can see it has all the details of the lighting right there the white with the red it just really pops looks really dope in person really cool way to display that you are in a sneaker culture without blatantly show.


Some sneakers on or so sometimes with sneakers on the shelves people do think it's a little bit weird or dirty so shallots the kick start we got the neon sneaker light all right guys last but not least for this one I had to dim down the lights a little bit just so you guys.


Can see exactly how it works we have the LED accent lighting alright so this is basically a strip of LED lighting that you could place anywhere and for my spot, I put it behind the back of this TV right here just so it can illuminate the background of the TV it looks really dope when you're watching the TV in the dark really sets the mood you can put it underneath your cabinet, you could put it even on the sneaker box shelf.

As showed earlier I've seen a lot of people do that as well it comes in a ton of different colors and what's really dope about it is that it is only 20 bucks for a super long strip so if you have a pretty big TV it's gonna cover the whole backside of your TV in a really cool way. 

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