Los Angeles Luxury Hostels Stay Review

This shows inside the luxury stay hostel in Los Angeles, it's in Inglewood, near LAX.  If you're looking for cheap and clean hostel-style accommodation then this is the place. 

Los Angeles Luxury Hostels Stay Review

This is actually the female-only room. and I woke up and I'm here by myself, so I'm like yeah let's write my thoughts.

I'm super impressed, super impressed, I've stayed in a few hostels as you’ve seen over my blog and this is hands down got the nicest amenities. 

In fact even better than like hotels that give you the little like sample sizes. Learn hostel accommodation tips


Just need my toothbrush to come here, o it's wonderful, absolutely wonderful you can see from the kitchen that you know you're welcome to use the fridge and everything else that's provided I mean it's way too much for me.


So I'm just like wow this is an awesome and a great shower with the rain head. I was greeted very well and explained everything when I arrived, which is amazing. Greeted to another to the door being open for me, which is lovely.


I literally have the most ridiculous downside. I feel like I shouldn't even comment on it, but it could be a problem for some of you. 

Is this, I guess it's an air conditioner I actually don’t know. But it's really noisy as you can see I switched it off.


So I'm super grateful that there’s nobody in this room right now that I can switch it off. Because it's really noisy, so bring earplugs. 

I have my noise-canceling headphones which I did sleep with. Because I went to bed really early I was absolutely exhausted.


If you haven't seen my flight reviews coming here with American Airlines please check that out.

I used uber to get here from LAX. Please check out my blog about using the LAX-it. Also, I went up to In-n-Out because it's a thing that you have to do here.


And I walked there from here it was a little over half an hour according to Google Maps. Caught an Uber back which was I think $8 US.  

Apparently, there is a CVS, I don't know what that is, and that’s within walking distance, close, much closer walking distance.


And the towels are really nice, had a shower this morning. This is just; this is just a sheet, unlike other pod hotels that I stayed in. 

But it's completely fine In terms of how I slept, there’s a bit of a dip in my particular mattress but I was so exhausted it literally did not matter.


The lighting is just at this one end and only one of my lights is working which is fine.

This is my contraption here and I watched some Youtube last night, great because it's like HBO there are all sorts you can watch. Free Wi-Fi.

I'm sure it does get quite warm in here, that’s why they have this possible air conditioning unit. 


I just sleep very warm, the duvet is very nice and soft everything's very clean. Being that it's close to the airport and it'll be good for when I come to leave because and again that's why I wanted to be near the airport. How to choose a hostel?


I just don’t want to be fluffing around in traffic and for yeah a really cheap accommodation has its exceeded expectations. It does say there's breakfast I don't know what it is or how to get it and it’s too early to comment on that, staying here a second night.


I've got a large amount of luggage with me most travelers are not carrying as much stuff as I am. 

But it's because I've left Kuwait and so I literally have my whole life with me. If you did just have a big backpack or you know more than a carry-on then maybe it's not the largest space especially if there were four people.


These lockers are pretty small bringing your own lock. I've enjoyed this place and I definitely want to come back again. 

You can see on booking.com the other reasonable options and the same as if you're looking at Airbnb even as a layover.


If you found this blog helpful please give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing as I post new posts every week giving tips and strategies that may help enhance your travel experiences. If you’re on a budget this is a really nice little spot. 

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