Medical Student Life Story in New York

Guys, today is like the second day of my neuro-psych rotation right now we'll be going for the neuroscience rotation it's like a 30-minute walk from there, and yeah so I’m just getting out of my apartment right now. 

Oh, I hold the most disgustingly uncomfortable shoes today so I was just like okay, same here even I got new shoes these are very uncomfortable. You got new shoes yeah hey guys oh my god it's connected to speakers yeah hell yeah we'll be there in five minutes. 

A Day In The Life of a Medical Student in New York (NYC) | USA

Hi, we missed that right yeah so I think we are a doctor already but still, we have to figure some ways out a lot of things, yeah adulating 101. 

So what's up so tell us about you Nisha hi guys you're in the spotlight oh my god this is way too much pressure as usual so I’m Michelle guys okay I’m from Bangalore India and yeah I have the privilege to be working with Manik Madan India. Learn Hostel Life Importance

That's the highlight of my month and we're just trying to adult together and figure this whole posting an elective out so yeah so what do which residency are you like fully hopefully neurology if all goes well?

Neurology yes all right and what's your step one score listen you're so extra no I don't want to disclose these things because you know I have some celebrity next to me and none of us are 250 plus. 

It's yeah she's gonna get neurology and so we guys are doing like a neuro-psych rotation yeah and we're going to be doing case reports yeah hope once we figure out the whole pattern yeah okay and Mani will probably make a video on that so the rest of you don't have to worry now I have to make a video. 

So hey guys we're going to this beach thing so it's like we're in bay ridge so we're going to a beach and we're just like you can see it's just like a little bit ahead and the beach is crazy here and we're gonna be ordering like some pizza. 

Because I think they deliver here and we're gonna have pizza by the beach let's have fun because what are rotations for really there are so many of these birds here guys so we're here guys isn't this beautiful this is the bearish area. 

In New York and it's a lot of fun you can seem like I can't describe how beautiful this is these guys they're just running away from the camera what's up Brooklyn?  

Like it's it should be like we're always on the stage you know yeah this is like but this is so beautiful, yeah I mean you can see people are fishing here which is super interesting have they caught any fish yet let's ask them have they caught any fish. 

Let's see how they respond our order has been picked up so let's ask them did they catch any fish I hope they don't hit me so do you get any fish here I like making a Youtube video. Read Hostel Life Problems

Hello, we got pizza from papa john's this is what it looks like this is a thin crust one and I’m gonna eat it and they're gonna eat it so this is how it looks like she is so big it's like 14 inches and they sound like gave us chili with it. 

I don't know what this is but I think it's meant to be a jalapeno let's attack him this is what it looks like so guys how is it I like it it's so good.

This is like the Alfredo one so there's the pizza variant and this is the Alfredo one that they use in kinds of pasta so that's the sauce being used here and it has tomatoes trust me it's one of the best pizzas in the whole world sitting by the shore and eating it makes it even better. 

All right, guys, we're done for the day and now we're just going back and I have to do your work this guy has to meet his friend up yeah, and yeah maybe we'll have dinner maybe we won't buzz but we had a lot of fun. No this is pretty not expensive so let's take this so we'll get like two blueberries so blueberries are like two for three dollars.

I’m gonna be taking two of them and these look pretty good let's hope all of them are nice so we're gonna take tomatoes so let's get some tomatoes all along with these blueberries so where did we get the bag to step back oh it's gonna be taking a bag I’m never taking a bag like this oh yeah. 

Look at these tomatoes guys these look like they're from a film we're talking like five chilies these are like just 1.29 for one dollar 29 for this we'll take these so guys we've gotten a lot of stuff now I’m just gonna get this like at the counter. 

I’m shopping for the day and now I’ll be heading back to my apartment to cook myself some amazing dinner. Guys, it's raining here a bit you can't see the rain because it's like drizzling but yeah it's raining and this place is so beautiful by the way we are so close to writing the case report it's already like about done. 

I’m so happy that I’m publishing my first case report and I’m happy I’m learning a lot the case is so interesting I told you guys that it was about OCD and it's about autism and the patient also has Tourettes and he has so many conditions like he has seizures and the management is so complex like you wouldn't see. 

A question like that on an exam but it is so interesting and we're doing a case report on him like I’m enjoying the process a lot I hope the case report gets published that's something I want to do and like it'll help me boost my cb2 so yeah I’m having fun a lot of fun.  

Guys, I got these goats so right now I’m just going to be cooking myself some oats and I’m going to put the blueberries I got into those oats and we're going to have some oats like that's what I’m eating these things are like super cheap here this box that you're seeing right now is like how many it's like.

1 kg oats and it's just 4.99 like it's super cheap for the price we got almond milk so I’m gonna be putting almond milk here because this is really good here this is a bit expensive you can see it's like 729 so it's like this thing is expensive and I got blueberries so these are like 100 bucks these are cheaper than India.


Guys we're gonna make a sandwich right now so I got some bread these carrots that we got we got a cheese slice these are super inexpensive and I got tomatoes so these are the only vegetables I'm having right now so please don't judge me and we got some more cheese so a lot of cheese here like you can see this cheese is like. 

As you can see this is what we have made you can see that the ingredient cheese looks so nice and now we're gonna put it into the toaster toast is ready now look at this juice is ready cheese toast bought ourselves some guacamole now. 

Guys we got some really good iced tea here called breast ice tea and this is really tasty I’m gonna have this so we're ready with our meal and now I’m gonna just devour this so guys I’m gonna watch some mythic quest like it's a new series that I love it's from apple TV. 

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