Grand Canyon University | College Dorm Tour 2021-22

Hey, guys, it's Laura here, and welcomes to today's article if you're new to the blog I just want to welcome you guys today we're doing a realistic dorm tour a little bit about me I go to Grand Canyon University.


We are currently in the ponderosa building it's the newest building at GCU and we have the most underwhelming dorm in the history of all, so I can't wait to show you guys so a little bit more about the actual apartment, there are four different rooms within the apartment, I have three different roommates.


Grand Canyon University | College Dorm Tour 2021

I and three other dudes each share a bathroom or two bathrooms combined so we have two bathrooms in the entire apartment four people two people per bathroom in the apartments here at GCU. How To Login GCU Student Portal


Actually split by gender so the top three floors are gonna be girls the bottom three are gonna be boys that's really unique to GCU because we are a private Christian school but there's lots of space and we don't feel much of that space here so we have a really minimalistic design.


I'm sure that you'll see, but let me show you around I think it would be helpful for you guys to get a sense of the size of the space.


A pretty decent amount of space in these rooms and the beds are pretty standard we have twin xl's just enough space for one person honestly just enough space for one person each of the rooms are equipped with a desk in a bed in the apartments that are literally all you get no dresser nothing like that.


Literally, get this desk in the bed I just showed you so not a lot of things that come with the room but I guess it's the necessities, I’ll show you some of the stuff that I’ve actually added other than stuff that comes with the room.


I actually bought this little desk thing off of our buy sell trade page on Facebook for our school this didn't come with the room but I just wanted more space so on the mini desk I just keep a few things bible journal usually a water bottle and like another thing to take notes with, but lastly an oil diffuser in Arizona it is super humid or not super humid at the opposite it's super dry.


Some way to keep your room kind of humid I guess put air in the atmosphere of your room super helpful if you're coming to Arizona for any reason.


I highly recommend putting a link to one of these in the bio okay so let's go from this desk to this desk, I actually do more with my desk than most people do most people just keep their computer and maybe an alarm clock or something and I spend a ton of time at this desk.


So here are just some of the things that I put I’ve got a super nice mechanical keyboard something that makes a lot of noise because I like that satisfying noise just a Logitech mouse a speaker just to play some music and I also keep my computer over there.


I've got the doom or the monitor set up here so I don't have to just use my computer it adds a little more space allows me to do a little bit more and just a couple other things, I have my blue yeti microphone for zoom call stuff like that obviously you don't need. GCU Library Access Portal


I've had that from high school so I just brought it to school my amazon Alexa and most importantly my Sony play station, I got my ps4 just because I’m a college kid with free time so that's my desk set up.


I describe my bed my desk set up my other desk set up but I’ll discuss your kind of closet space that you get here so you'll probably see there isn't tons of room compared to you knows like your normal home closet.


But for it being college and it being a college dorm room you actually have a fair amount of space like a decent amount of space to put all your clothes in and whatnot you have an excellent little shelf where you put bags tennis rackets all kinds of crap.


I'm not really that organized when it comes to hanging up my clothes but I mean you've got arms with probably five and a half feet of space of closet space so a decent amount and you have a nice room underneath I just have like my laundry bed.


Some other shelving and drawers for socks and other stuff like that and here's the last thing I think Is kind of essential for any college kid and that's what you see behind me right it's a rack just to hold things.


I have like you know shoes and folded up clothing and random miscellaneous things it's honestly just a junk space but I think you kind of need that like I said this is a realistic dorm this isn't like some fancy super amazing dorm right this is just stuff that you probably actually should have in a college dorm and at GCU.


So one of those wire shelving areas I think is critical for any college student so outside of my dorm room we actually have an entire living-space kitchen we have an area for hangout and as you can see we put in a lot of work into really decorating this area. GCU MBA Program Cost


It's super livable so let me show you where I do a lot of my hanging out so I hope that gave a little bit of light to the dorms here at GCU and frankly if you're reading this and you don't go to GCU I hope you realize that it's okay to not have a good level dorm room I'm a senior here.


This is kind of what I’ve accumulated over my last couple of years at GCU don't need to have the most beautiful aesthetic 95 of every dorm room in America is not what you see on social media it's more or less a lot like this.


 It's not very decorated thrown together I'm just kind of a mod podge of random things that you've come up with so thanks for landing into this article I hope that you enjoyed it I hope it wasn't too boring.

I appreciate your reading please do share with your friends and comments for more information regarding this I'm just saying the most random thing that you saw on this dorm I'm curious what you guys will come up with so I’ll see you guys later. 

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