Top 5 Facts About GCU MBA Ranking

GCU Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree helps students develop into successful leaders with a wide range of experience including finance, economics, argument, and conduct, MBA students put that knowledge to work in a wide variety of assiduousness and positions. 

GCU Flash Points:

Grand Canyon University's 2022 Rankings

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is ranked #299-#391 among National Universities. All universities are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. 

For more details about GCU MBA admission, fee structure, classes time, and more, read the full article. 

GCU Ranking #299-#391 in National Universities 

GCU Ranking #78 in Top Performers on Social Mobility 

GCU Ranking #166 in Engineering Programs


When businesses are looking to hire competent professionals, they hourly look to students with experience establish as MBA graduates.


Some pursue this degree as current leaders looking to grind their professional capabilities. Others are blossoming professionals looking to start with a strong skill set. 

Notwithstanding, the experience that students develop in an MBA program extends former business-disposed capableness. GCU Login Portal

Top 5 Benefits Doing MBA From GCU in 2021-22

Soft experience, clay- confidence, and other benefits gained by earning an MBA can help professionals in several fields of life and boost their interpersonal capabilities.


Self- Confidence & Maturity:

Completing an MBA program requires commitment and alacrity to learn through a burdensome class. 

The academic atmosphere allows hard-working students to gain a sense of confidence in their capabilities that goes beyond the typical ethics for success.

It's critical for professionals to have confidence in their capability to succeed beyond short-term misapprehensions and disadvantages.


Last Demanding Soft Skills:

Soft Know-how is one of the most adaptable skillsets across industriousness. These are hourly labeled as general competencies ditto as creativity, verbal and verbal communication, and conflict concession. 

This know-how help MBA graduates navigate the world of business but allow them to interact well with any professional. 

Soft know-how helps professionals succeed in any range of careers and develop into successful leaders.


Strategic Supposing and Self-Discipline:

Numerous graduate scholars pursue their degrees while employed on a part-time or full-time warp. What is The GCU GPA System?

To fulfill their degree program requisites, they must attend classes, complete their assignments and drive themselves toward earning their degree in a fine balance with their other subjective and professional scores.


Business professionals must suppose strategically as they work to balance singular time, professional cores, and academic life. 

Strategic thinking and discipline reword into potent working habits and allow professionals a systematic approach to prostrating complex obstacles to business points.


Other Perspective:

During an MBA program, scholars are encouraged to address real-world business issues and challenges. With the support of faculty and classmates from different backgrounds.

The MBA graduates learn to look beyond their premier understanding of business practices and worldviews and develop a further unalike range of results inspired by scholars with different career pretensions and worldviews.

During their program, scholars are exposed to a global perspective and unalike aboriginal surroundings created in transnational business settings.


Network Development:

During an MBA program, you work with multitudinous substances aspiring to start or work with businesses. 

Underwent faculty and fellow scholars and alumni will make for pricey connections and enable you to rear a network that you can lean on during your program and throughout your career. 

The students you get to know and bandwidth during your program may end up getting your associates or consorts. 

It's helpful to make connections with peers with who you can band during your program. GCU Support Login Portal


Graduate and Doctoral Online Admission Necessaries:

Graduate contenders may be accepted at GCU with an undergraduate degree from an accredited consortium or program that has been approved by Grand Canyon University (GCU), with a 2.8 GPA or forward.


Notwithstanding, you may be eligible for admission with a graduate degree from an accredited, GCU-approved association or program and passing test scores If you don't meet the GPA condition.


Graduate Management Admissions Test:

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) combined verbal/ quantitative, antecedent to August 2011; 300 combined verbal/ quantitative, after August 2011


Admission Necessities for Select Graduate Programs:

Some programs of study may need an improved GPA and/ or other qualifying criteria for admission. Please review full admission and program necessities in the

Doctoral Admission Must-have

GCU proudly welcomes doctoral campaigners wanting to pursue evolved positions of achievement in erudition and examination. You may be accepted by meeting one of the criteria below


Earn a doctoral degree from a regionally accredited institution with an overall GPA of3.4 or evolved. Campaigners with a GPA lesser than3.4 may be accepted with specifications.

Earn a master's from a regionally accredited institution with an overall GPA of3.4 or developed. Aspirants with a GPA of3.0-3.39 will be accepted with specifications. Aspirants with a GPA below a3.0 won't be accepted. 

GCU Admissions Process:

The Grand Canyon University (GCU) admissions process is simple. We encourage prospective students to address an admissions counselor during the admissions process. 

However, browse through our Admission Essentials courier to begin your admissions process, If you're interested in getting a pupil at GCU. 

GCU Online and Evening Tuition Rates:

Online and evening rates vary depending on the program of study. The typical range for all undergraduate programs is$ 395 to$ 470 costs per credit hour. Graduate classes range from$ 365 to$ 695 per credit, depending on the area of study.

The cost per credit hour for doctoral programs is$ 695. A special rate is available for those on active duty and active reserve.


GCU's online and evening training rates are for scholars who are interested in pursuing an online degree program or taking evening classes. 

Speak with your university counselor to learn fresh about your openings for learnedness off training through GCU's educational alliances or to find out about options for continuing education for pedagogues. What GCU Degree Program Offer


 GCU 2021-22 Online and Evening Tuition

Undergraduate Tuition  Cost

  1. Education and Science Programs $447 per credit
  2. Theology Programs $402 per credit


GCU Online and Professional Studies:

All other programs not included above $477 per credit Active Duty and Active Reserve

  1. Online and Professional Studies $250 per credit
  2. ABSN Pre-Requisites Courses  $425 per credit


GCU Graduate Tuition Cost:

  1. Education Programs $572 per credit
  2. MDiv Programs $372 per credit
  3. Business Programs $622 per credit
  4. Advanced Practice Nursing Programs $702 per credit


GCU Online and Professional Studies:

  1. All programs not included above $557 per credit 
  2. Online and Professional Studies $400 per credit


GCU Doctoral Programs:

  1. Includes dissertation courses 966-970 $702 per credit
  2. Doctoral Programs - Active Duty and Active Reserve
  3. Online and Professional Studies $617.50 per credit

Continuing Education (CTE) Tuition Cost


GCU Scholarship Opportunities:

RN to BSN Scholarship Opportunity

GCU can help you reach your goal of becoming a BSN-prepared nurse. Attend class 100% online (clinical, practicum, immersion hours completed locally) and earn a scholarship of $334 per credit.* Request more information about this opportunity.


GCU Education Master’s Degree Scholarship

If you are a new student and looking to earn your education or secondary education master’s degree, you may be eligible for about $469 per credit per course for your program.** Request more information about this opportunity.


GCU Alumni Doctoral Degree Scholarship

GCU alumni enrolling in a doctoral program for the first time may be eligible for a $2,000 scholarship.† Request more information about this opportunity.


Why GCU?

GCU Online Learning

Many working professionals aspire to attain a higher level of education. Grand Canyon University’s (GCU) online degree programs offer the flexibility you need to get ahead, providing quality education to help you thrive in today's complex business world. 

Backed by the legacy of our traditional campus, GCU is an accredited university that stands out from other online education institutions.

We also create opportunities to develop and reward the broader educational community through educational alliances. How To Access GCU Library?


GCU Campus Life:

Grand Canyon University's (GCU) main campus is truly an oasis in the heart of Phoenix. 

With new classroom buildings, popular dining options, sparkling swimming pools, state-of-the-art athletic facilities and so much more, the GCU campus is the perfect place to call home for the next four years. 

With GCU's four-credit courses and fast-track options, you can also graduate faster, allowing you to enter the workforce soon - and with less debt.


To help you get the most out of your college experience at GCU, our departments and offices on campus offer services, events, and resources that enhance your academic pursuits and help you experience Lope Life. 

The Office of Student Affairs enhances your college experience as part of the campus community, while Student Success offers programs that enrich your academic experience.


Interested in becoming a GCU Lope? Experience Grand Canyon University firsthand by attending Discover GCU! Eligible students who are admissible to GCU, confirmed to attend, and approved to travel, can get the REAL college experience during this free, two-day, overnight campus visit. 

Experience Lope Life and what it’s like to stay in a suite-style residence hall, attend a campus event, and more! GCU Fees Structure


GCU Evening Classes:

Balancing work, life and school can be a challenge. Grand Canyon University's (GCU) evening classes, busy professionals like you have time to earn your degree and achieve academic goals. 

Expert faculty members deliver a comprehensive curriculum one course at a time, one night each week, in convenient locations. 

Small evening classes enable you to receive the personal attention and collaborate with peers from diverse professional backgrounds. 

Build confidence and skills through knowledge, expand your professional network and advance your career with GCU's night classes.


International Students at Grand Canyon University:

Grand Canyon University (GCU) has grown with Phoenix to become one of the nation's premier private universities.

For more than 65 years, GCU has welcomed diverse cultures, encouraging our students to share their unique perspectives so they can evolve into global citizens. 

Some of our international students' native countries include Australia, China, Denmark, Japan, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. GCU is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students, under the F-1 Student Visa program.


GCU For Native American Community:

Whether you are a high school student, working professional, or Native American leader, Grand Canyon University (GCU) is sure to offer a degree program that is a perfect fit for you.

GCU has a dedicated team of university development counselors, as well as student services counselors, specific to serving the Native American population. 

In addition, we have a Native American affairs liaison who works with higher education offices as part of our commitment to serving the Native American communities. Read Hostel Life Quotes

What is The GCU Ranking in 2022:

Grand Canyon University is a proprietary institution that was founded in 1949. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 58,997 (fall 2019), and the campus size is 100 acres. Does GCU Degree Legit?

It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Grand Canyon University's ranking in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #299-#391. Its tuition and fees are $17,800.

Despite its name, Grand Canyon University, based in Phoenix,  is about four hours away from the tourist destination. 

The private university grants undergraduate degrees through six colleges, including the Ken Blanchard College of Business and the College of Fine Arts and Production. 

Many of its undergraduate degree tracks are broad but allow students to complete an emphasis in a certain area. 

Biology majors, for example, can complete their degrees with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, or Pre-Physician Assistant; art design majors can choose to emphasize animation, screenwriting, web design, or production. 

Grand Canyon University also grants a variety of master’s degrees and has a College of Nursing.

The GCU ’Lopes (Antelopes) are Division II teams that compete in a variety of conferences including the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) and the Pacific West Conference (PacWest). 

The university is a nondenominational Christian institution, and, as such, encourages spiritual education, too.

Grand Canyon University's 2022 Rankings:

Grand Canyon University is ranked #299-#391 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

#299-#391 in National Universities

#78 in Top Performers on Social Mobility (tie)

#166 in Engineering Programs (no doctorate) (tie)

Frequently Ask Questions:

Does GCU's MBA degree is Good?

GCU's MBA program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), which speaks to the quality and excellence of research, teaching, and student outcomes.

Does GCU Accredit for MBA Degree?

GCU's MBA online, offered by the Colangelo College of Business, is built around the college's pillars of servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism, and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

What is GCU Annual Tuition Rate?

Grand Canyon University's annual tuition rate is $16,500 for both in-state and out-of-state students. 

On-campus students pay an average of $8,100 for room and board and $1,700 in additional fees. Individual courses cost $687.50 per credit.

What is The Fee of Grand Canyon University?

The annual list price to attend Grand Canyon University on a full-time basis for 2018/2019 is $32,100 for all students regardless of their residency. 

This fee is comprised of $16,500 for tuition, $7,800 for room and board, $800 for books and supplies, and $1,300 for other fees.


Established in 1949, GCU has a reputation for helping our Native American students succeed. 

GCU has maintained a relationship with many of the federally recognized tribes, especially among the 22 Native American tribes in Arizona. 

Top Student Hostels in The US

  1. Selina Miami River Hostel
  2. Best Student Hostels in the NYC
  3. Top Ranking Student Hostels in The San Francisco 

An Online MBA Really Worth It In The Future?

Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) is fastest becoming the preferred option of fresh graduate students including working professionals because it is flexible and affordable. 


Take a look at the top 5 Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses in the USA. If you are a fresh graduate and can dedicate two more years to education, you can go for a full-time MBA course.


If you want to start working immediately after graduation or are already working, an online MBA course is the best option. Many universities in the US are offering online MBA degrees with flexible time frames.


One such program i.e. MBA is offered by Texila American University. It is one such University that offers the finest set of online and blended learning programs along with online MBA programs.


With students from all across the world, the University is laurelled for its cutting edge infrastructure and latest curriculum with a serene and superb learning environment.


The online MBA program offers students the same quality of learning experience as the on-campus course. Many students choose or prefer an online MBA for its flexibility and convenience.


Therefore, rather than quit their jobs to attend a full-time day program or relocate to attend a top institution. Instead, MBA students choose an online option that lets them balance school with work, other commitments, or family responsibilities.


Moreover, many traditional MBA programs hold daytime classes that do not offer flexibility for students who want to work while earning a degree. The MBA online program provides students with an opportunity to continue working while doing their MBA online.


As per the previous best performer records, the following top 5 universities, overall USA are best educational institutions.


Does it a Good Idea To Do an Online MBA?

As the current pandemic situation from last year, it is now a necessity for one to pursue online courses. DPU COL is one of the popular colleges in Pune to provide distance as well as online programs.


Online MBA if done under proper guidance then definitely be a good choice. Visit the official website link to know more about the online MBA course structure with eligibility criteria.


An Online MBA Really Worth it in The Future?

This lockdown is the most challenging time for people and testing time for most of the sectors but the sector which got the maximum push is the Education sector.


Earlier also it was online but again not on this scale. It is strongly advisable to use this time for higher education or any kind of certifications that can add value and give a different perspective.


In India, it will take a long time to accept an online MBA Distance learning MBA or a weekend program. 


At the same time, all the above-mentioned programs will help you to grow within the system as in many cases you are not promoted because of not having a Master’s degree. If you want to go for MBA then go for branded college or instead of MBA go for certifications.


University of Michigan MBA Programs 2022:

A top-ranked public university, the University of Michigan has a tradition of excellence in research, learning and teaching, sports and the arts, and more.


Carnegie Mellon University MBA Programs 2022:

CMU is a global research university known for its world-class, interdisciplinary programs: arts, business, computing, engineering, and humanities.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill MBA Programs 2022:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the nation's first public university, is a global higher education leader known for innovative teaching.


University of Washington MBA Programs 2022:

At the University of Washington through the UW's Abolishing Poverty course, students like Courtney Hooks, 22, examine the root causes of houselessness.


Indiana University MBA Programs 2022:

Indiana University Northwest is a public university in Gary, Indiana. It is a regional campus of Indiana University and was established in 1963


Frequently Ask Questions:

Which online MBA program is the best?

According to the current market demand, MBA in Marketing is the best choice for students to do their professional careers.


Best Online MBA Programs:

Different universities are offering distance learning programs to their students, MBA in Human Resources is best to get an online MBA degree.


Carnegie Mellon University: Top-ranked educational institution in the US introducing the best MBA programs for students or working professionals.


University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: A well-known education institution in North Carolina where you can enroll yourself in MBA programs.


Indiana University-Bloomington: A well-reputed institution where students can enroll themselves in online MBA programs.


University of Southern California: It has a wide range of online degree programs for US or international students.


University of Florida: Top ranking international educational institute for providing online degree programs to students through distance learning.


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