Staying in HOSTELS | 5 Tips to Always REMEMBER

This is the second time I write an article I write this entire post in one take? I totally forgot to push the record but anyways five tips for staying in hostels I'm actually staying in the hostel right now I'm actually staying in st Christopher's which is one of my favorite hostels to stay I'm gonna try to do this all.


Staying in HOSTELS

Two times a minute Agra feeds sending my targets to excuse the cinematography I just will try and do it all in one take this is actually the second time I'm doing this too but when you're staying in hostels these are just a few tips.


I have learned to stay in hostels and I know a lot of you guys who have not stayed in hostels and I've been curious about hostels you've heard horror stories you've seen the movie hostel and they don't want to do it. Hostel Room Arrangement Ideas


I love hostels I stay in hotels but I love staying in hostels I love meeting people I love the environment and if you don't want to talk to anyone you don't have to talk to anyone but if you do the options are always there so I'm in the hostel right now.


This is not my day I'm in a hostel right now this is st Christopher's hostels the houses I really like they have them everywhere there's one where there's one in Amsterdam there's one in Berlin there's one in bridges they have them in Barcelona and this is the one in Paris.


You guys can see when you come to the hostel this one's pretty nice because you have these so this is pretty nice you can have your own privacy oh good this is actually my one right here privacy you have lights camera action plugs a place to put your stuff.


This is very good this is a very good start for out what they have in a hostel and some things that I recommend to people I always recommend when you first come to the house so say hello to people in the room you walk in the room say hi and if people seem really super open go shake the hand, hey I'm blah.


I come from blah and that's how you that's how that starts every single almost every single conversation everything I've had in a hostel that's how it started next thing I recommend you guys do is always mess up your bed like you may seem great like you come.


You might feel great coming in making your bed perfect but trust me when Pete comes in here and they're really tired mill the knife sometimes they'll just jump in the bed that looks like this one's brand new so someone will jump right in there and they've made a mistake.


The bed looks nice if you mess up your bed such as this most people will not get into bed that's been messed up so I recommend you guys do that if you guys are staying in a hostel another thing you should look for when I booked hostel is the one number one thing that I the one thing that really matters to me most of all is security is there a place.


My stuff so I don't have a lock with me but this is the locker here it's okay it's a seven out of ten if you have a lock you can put it on the air but I don't feel super secure my friend here from Argentina she has a small lock here which is great but I recommend you guys. A medical student hostel life experience


Be careful with your stuff I always say lock your stuff up in the night when you're going out in the day I see people leave their computers all kinds of stuff I'm just like ah it's okay no man it's okay but imagine I'm here and I'm a crazy person.


Can easily break this lock and take all the stuff and no one would know no-one's here in the room so it's always being careful with your stuff and your very secure stuff like let's say I have computers and stuff in my bag this always stays with me so when I'm going to sleep it's next to me and I feel like it's safe.


I see a lot of people leave their stuff next to their bed I think need to be careful with that I mean everyone we're all cool here but you never know I've seen things where someone left the hostel doors the room open and someone came in and took people's phones because there was only one charging port in the hostel.


It was like this and was plugged into the tech everyone had their phones on the table charging someone came in took everyone's phone I had mine charging next to me I didn't charge mine that night I just had my power bank charging on that table and they didn't even take that so always be careful with your stuff and then one thing also I'd recommend about this closes and opens like this.


I know people who bring their own towels because every hospital and have this so this is kind of like this kind of luxury when it comes to staying in hostels this is a pretty decent room as you can see it has

a table all those kinds of stuff not any kind of view but you can see this is a decent hostel like you could literally you could definitely recommend this and then and then finally what one thing I'd like to wreck.


Mendon one thing that I one reason why I really enjoy hostels is that you never know who you're gonna meet you know if you want to meet a lot of people you can if you don't want to talk to anyone you don't have to this been plenty of times I've come to a hostel.


I've been super exhausted I've been filming all day or I've had meetups or I just whatever maybe I just didn't want to talk to anyone that day I just come back put my camera away no one sees my camera I come straight get in the bed and go to sleep and that's okay a lot of people feel like you're gonna have pressure if you come to the hostel.


You don't want to talk to anyone like you don't have to plenty of people don't feel like talking and it's okay you know but I think that when you're in a hostel it's one of you have the best part I think is you're around a lot of like-minded individuals and I think that's very important. What Are hostel life Advantages


I mean, of course, you have the people are here to party and all that kind of stuff but you have people who actually are trying to travel who enjoy traveling and one thing that I think is even better is that someone like me who's been traveling for a very long time I get to see the newness and other people of them. 


Trying to travel for the first time or they're taking their first trip or their last trip before they start working and it's kind of like you're motivated by them they're motivated by you to give each other value you get to learn about other cultures.


I think that that's one of the best parts is why I love staying in hostels like I meet amazing people like I tell everyone like when I found out about hostels in Barcelona the first time I literally went there every single weekend even though I had an apartment with my friend in Barcelona I still stayed in the hostel because I would meet people and do what I do.


I meet people I stay in contact with them and then I go and visit their cities or their country and their countries in my room when I was traveling so the first 1015 city countries I saw were because people that I met in the hostel now you don't have to talk to people you don't have to keep in contact with people.


You never know who you can meet you know and I think that's one of the best parts of staying in a hostel the other day that I was here though I'll excuse me the other night I was gonna go meet my friends at their house and they live by a metro call Colonel Fabien and my first time when I came to Paris.


I stayed at Colonel Fabien I stayed at a hotel I didn't speak French I didn't know anyone in France but I came to Paris for the first time for two days when I was here for two days I didn't talk to anyone I was really nervous to talk to anyone I woke up in my room didn't talk to anyone.


The next day walked around all day came back to the hotel still didn't talk to anyone didn't see anyone and that was there was no talking it was like nine hours of nothing and it haven't known about hostels back then I would have been a lot better off you meet people. Family vs Hostel Life


You get it to advise a lot of places that I know where I travel I've traveled there because I met someone who told me you should go here this summer I was on the split in split Croatia I'm supposed to go from split Croatia to Dubrovnik I met.


Someone in the hostel who said you should go to the highlander we just came from there we loved it next day I was on a ferry and I went to and I had an amazing time so I think it's so important that you keep on growing your network and you grow your network of people about meeting people from places

everywhere in the world.


The hostel is a great start so I hope that helps you guys going to a hostel with an open mind remember if you don't want to talk to anyone you don't want to meet anyone you don't have to but if you do you'll have plenty of opportunities and I highly recommend it.


5 Hostel Tips You NEED

Welcome to another edition of travel tip Tuesday where I share the travel tips that I'm learning as I'm traveling anyway I've been staying in a lot of hospitals so I've been learning the ins and outs of how to save money.


You from going crazy so I've got five tips that will really up to your hostel game first tip travel with the towel a travel towel not just any towel but a quick dry like microfiber this is like $15 at REI or any like outdoor store awesome hospitals.


Provide towels but usually for a fee tip number two bring a padlock you can get these at hospitals as well again for a fee but toss will come with lockers where you can lock up your bag or computer valuables so you can rest assured that no one's going to mess with it and if your hospital doesn't come with a locker, I wouldn't stay in a hostel.


I stayed in one hospital that didn't come with lockers sure it was seven euros a night but you get what you pay for tip number three for keeping me sane travel with earplugs the cheapest rooms and hostels are ones with a bunch of bunk beds so you might get unlucky and have someone that snores sleeping.


Above you, these will make sure that you get a good night's sleep instead of staying up all night listening to a beautiful symphony of snoring another great way to save money with hospitals is sure to use sites like hostel world.


To find good places to stay they have really great reviews and cool pictures but they charge an extra fee to book so I would Google the name of the hostel that you want to stay in find their phone number give them a call and book.


Directly with them, it'll save you a few extra euros, and quite often when you book directly with a hostel the breakfasts that you would have to pay extra for actually comes complimentary finally if you make Youtube videos or post on Instagram or have a travel blog.


Use that leverage just to reach out to different hospitals around the city that you're staying in tell them that you're traveling and blogging about it and see if they'll give you a discount I just started doing

that this week and already I've gotten discounts at two hostels and discounts on meals I got a free glass of wine. 

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