Key Points of Hostel Disciplines

Dear students, abiding by the hostel discipline will make your hostel life easy. Before admission to a hostel, students should learn the key points of common hostel discipline.


Key Points of Hostel Disciplines

Common Points of Hostel Discipline:

Residents shall abide by the hostel regulations. Violations of any regulation or order issued by the management shall render a resident liable to fine even expulsion from the hostel or to such other action; as the management may consider necessary.


Inviting Guest in Hostel:

Allowing any unauthorized guest in the room by a resident shall be considered a breach of hostel rules and shall be fined heavily or his seat will be canceled.

In case of noncompliance, a fine per guest per night will be charged from resident students in addition to disciplinary action taken by the hostel administration.


Prohibited Items:

Possession or bringing in to the hostel any weapons, drugs, intoxicants, and explosives are strictly prohibited. Similarly, guests/visitors with any of the above-mentioned items shall not be allowed to enter the hostel.


Misuse of Hostel Properties:

Possession and use of speakers, air conditioners, air cooler, electric heaters, and landline phones are prohibited in the hostel. If the university authority found any student involved in cyber-crimes.

The hostel authority has the right to render the said student to the cyber-crimes unit, including the misuse of the internet such as another personal video/picture, uploading hacking other personal data/account, immoral/unethical SMS/MMS. 

Hostel administration will not be responsible for any loss or damage to valuables and cash money.


Hostel Timings:

The following timings shall be observed for hostel gates Month (Duration)          

Opening Time    Closing Time

1st April to 30th September        04:00 AM             11:00 PM

1st October to 31st March          06:00 AM             10:00 PM


No resident shall be allowed to place any notice, placard, posters, wall chalking, or other material of any nature anywhere in the hostel premises.


Society, committee, or club can be formed in the hostel with the permission of the hostel management as and when required subject to fulfilling the condition and rules framed by the hostel from time to time.


No magazine, journal, or other printed material shall be placed in the common room without the prior permission of the hostel warden.


Meetings and other functions in the hostel can only be held with the prior written permission of the hostel warden/hostel authority.


Residents damaging or destroying any hostel property shall be required to pay for the damages and shall also be liable to a fine. Keeping private servants is not allowed in the hostels. Entry of ladies to the male hostel is not allowed.


Hostel furniture and dining room utensils shall not be removed by the residents from their designated places.


Each hostel shall have a team of Monitors, appointed by the Provost, on the recommendation of the Warden. 

Each Monitor will be in charge of a wing in the hostel, which shall assist the hostel management in the maintenance of discipline, and ensuring cleanliness in his wing. Monitors should be responsible, impartial, and senior students.

The Warden in consultation with the Provost/Senior Warden shall deal with all cases of indiscipline or breach of regulations and orders relating to hostel affairs. The Warden may impose a fine.


Hostel fines shall be registered in the Provost Office and realized through the University accounts offices. This amount shall be credited under the head “hostel establishment fund”.


Residents shall keep their rooms neat and tidy. The Provost may request hostel management to inspect the rooms periodically. 

On the basis of these inspections, certificates shall be awarded every year to students whose rooms remain cleanest throughout the year.


All cases of indiscipline in the hostels will be dealt with by the Hostel discipline Committee (H.D.C) to be constituted by the Provost and approved by the hostel management.


Residents shall park their cars, motorcycles, and bicycles at specified locations at their own risk and responsibility.


Each resident shall be provided with a bed/cot, a table, and a chair and he/she shall be responsible for their loss or breakage.


The employees are under no obligation to attend/to work other than that assigned to them by the Warden for the service and comfort of the students.


Residents shall bring complaints against the hostel employees to the notice of the Assistant Warden or Warden and shall not deal with them directly on their own.


Students Code of Conduct:

Every student will be expected to observe the following code of conduct: Faithfulness in his religious duties and respect for the convictions of others in matters of religion, conscience, customs, and conventions.


Loyalty to the institution and refraining from doing anything which might lower its honor and prestige in any way. 

Truthfulness and honesty in dealing with people. Respect for elders, teachers, administrative and support staff.


Politeness to all, especially women, children, old people, and assistance to those with special needs.

Cleanliness of dress, mind, speech, and habits. Devotion to studies and sports. Observance of thrift and protection of public property. 

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