Top 10 Student Hostels Germany

The question is not easy to answer and top student hostels can vary from country to country. You can find out exactly which hostels are the best by comparing the properties that are available for booking.

Thousands of students every year, leave their homes to pursue their dreams overseas, whether it's to study, change their lives, or follow a dream. Many decide to take a temporary, or jump on a long-term, travel and study opportunity in a European city.

Top 10 Student Hostels Germany

It pays to be picky and compare the best student hostels, as well as accommodation alternatives, before making a long-term decision.

Generally, the best way to find out about the different hostels is to go to you. If there are places in Germany that are good for students, they are usually highly rated on well-known review websites like and hostel

It is always worth it to pay a little more to find the best student hostel in a city. You'll stay at a more desirable and beautiful place and get connected to a tight-knit network of fellow students.

Student life in Germany:

The life of students is very tough in developed countries as compared to the developing countries; developed countries mainly focus on new inventions and providing guidelines to the rest of the world. 

Students from developed countries like Germany play a vital key role to increase top-level research, new inventions, new reading and writing methodologies, etc.

In the current situation, Germany spending a huge amount of annual budget on new researches and adopting new mechanisms to lead from the front. The key factors of the education system are:

Develop real research methodologies

Introduce new inventions related to the daily life

Experiments in medicinal plants

Develop health and hygiene herbal medicines

Best Hostels in Hamburg:

We know Hamburg, we know Hamburg hostels. In this cool city, you can expect incredibly cool design, North-German vibes, and ideal backpacker places.

Here are our 4 handpicked hostels:

Pyjama Park Schanzenviertel

Instant Sleep Backpacker Hostel

Generator Hamburg

Superbude Hotel Hostel St

Pyjama Park Schanzenviertel:

By far the coolest option is Pyjama Park Schanzenviertel. It’s stylish, sparkling clean, and relaxed. You’ll be pleased to know that each dorm bed comes with a blackout curtain. 

Fresh linen is provided every day, and the plants will have you feeling relaxed in no time. It’s a perfect option for travelers looking to unwind, away from the tourist traps. 

Instant Sleep Backpacker Hostel:

Instant sleep will surely be had after a day/night of filling your soul with a buzzing energy that fills the place. 

Get in on the 1€ drinks at happy hour, enjoy colorful graffiti design and have fun at an open mic night. There’s even a cool rooftop to chill during the day. There are 12-bed dorms and private rooms available.

Generator Hamburg:

If you’re looking for a hotel feel with hostel character and price; Generator Hamburg is a top choice. The size means it’s easier to enjoy more privacy if you wish. Each dorm is built with ease and privacy in mind. 

They’re large and let in plenty of light. From here you’ll have access to all types of public transport. It’s situated in the heart of the city so we recommend using your feet!

Superbude Hostel:

Don’t let the #4 position put you off: Superbude Hamburg only offers private rooms, which is why it’s placed here. If you’re part of a couple or group, consider this hostel. It has a quirky design and wonderful social spaces. 

During breakfast, you may well be treated to a live concert! Based in the area of Schanze, you’ll be a short walk from the best bars and clubs in town.

Best Hostels in Berlin:

Once again, we are very well acquainted with Berlin and we’ve actually visited all of the hostels on this list!

Willyard Concept Hostel – 5-star hostel

The Circus Hostel

Grand Hostel Berlin Classic

Willyard Concept Hostel:

Quickly then: Wall yard Concept Hostel is the coolest hostel in Berlin. A round-up to give you a reason to hit that book button: Stylish boutique, industrial design Off-the-beaten-path location Wallyard cafe & bar Bike hires (recommended)

The Circus Hostel:

Runaway and join the circus and never see a dull moment! It’s a centrally located hostel surrounded by fun bars, restaurants, and top sights. 

And how cool is that room design? Plenty of privacy can be had in both dorm and private rooms. When you’re ready to smile at the world, hit the in-house bar & cafe, try a local beer and join a free walking tour of Berlin.

Grand Hostel Berlin Classic:

Enjoy a guilt-free and majestic stay at Grand Hostel Berlin Classic – there is no bunk beds insight in their dorm rooms! Sign up for all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast, and wind down with a cocktail after a day of exploring in the library bar. It’s a lively hostel in central Berlin, so getting around is easy. 

How To Find Student Hostels In Germany?

Cheap hotels

Expensive cost hostels

Youth hostels – but you have to be a member of the national association of the International Youth Hostel Federation by paying a small fee.

Student Hostel Rent In Germany:

Rent will make up the biggest proportion of your monthly costs. That, however, varies according to location. 

Students generally pay between 290 and 560 euros for accommodation. Rents are above average in some cities like Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt.

How Many Student Hostels in Germany?

With about 450 different youth hostels in Germany, you can rest assured that you'll find a hostel that fits your needs like a glove. 

Best hostels in Germany For Solo Travellers

There are several best hostels in Germany despite the following are the top class hostel recommended by the Solo Travellers

  1. Die Wohngemeinschaft, Cologne.
  2. Grand Hostel Berlin Classic, Berlin.
  3. Lollis Homestay, Dresden.
  4. Hostel Multitude, Leipzig.
  5. Wombats City Hostel Berlin.
  6. Eastseven Berlin Hostel.
  7. Lotte – The Backpackers, Heidelberg.
  8. Lekkerurlaub, Berlin.

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