What Do You Think About Hostel Life in College Days?

Student of college hostels spends their life in wonderful feeling with high expectation to achieve their dream in real life. College life days and nights are sky-high dream days for all students irrespective of their field of education.

In this short article, we’ll discuss the life of a college hostel and their dreams after completion of education. However, most of the students didn’t get their expectations in the real-life challenges and converted to other options to survive, but some students succeeded in the desired results.


College Hostel Life Dreams:

Most students join the hostel for a better environment for subject studies without disturbance, indeed, the hostel provides a conducive study environment with extra-curricular opportunities to excel in students' overall progress. 

The dreams of students are always high while their hostel life. A good hostel is a perfect place to achieve the student’s dreams. Hostel life Advantages


College Hostel Life Hobbies:

In fact, every hostel provides a detailed activity plan for all students with some free time for relaxation purposes.  Students can use their free time to get free from the planned routine. 

Most students do like to spend their free time on different kinds of hobbies. I.e. sports, indoor games, swimming, traveling, hiking, music concerts, indoor parties, debates, etc.


College Hostel Life Friendship:

The college hostel is the perfect place to make friends from other locations, all students from different cities, and get to gather in a hostel for education purposes. Hostel good friends always support each other even in practical life.


College Hostel Life Events:

The hostel life events list varies for every hostel, but common events are mentioned hereunder:

Subject competitions, birthday parties, achievement celebrations, open debates, concerts, indoor sports, and many more.


College Hostel Life Studies:

A college hostel provides the facilities for study themes within the premises of the hostel which are Group studies, individual studies, experience-sharing events, open forum discussions, book exchanges, note sharing, help in subjects, taking notes, and many more. Hostel Problems


College Hostel Life Exams:

Despite the annual examinations in colleges, some hostels arrange internal exam processes to evaluate the student’s level to determine and prepare for the annual board exams. Hostel life exams are preparatory steps to make students ready for the board papers.


College Hostel Life Achievements:

There are many types of achievements in hostel life i.e. best hosteller, best roommates, supportive student, good character student, time-bound student, caring student, and helping hand student.


College Hostel Life Challenges:

There is a long list of hostel life challenges students face every day, but here we’ll describe some important challenges, strict timing, not enough free time,  early breakfast time, late lunchtime,  and late dinner time,  hectic study time, room cleaning, shoe polishing, pocket money, and more.


We hope the above-mentioned points will increase your level of understanding about the hostel life opportunities or hostel life challenges, though there are more possibilities for students to take their achievements, for some hostel life is a failure.

It varies from person to person how students deal with their daily life in the college hostel. How is JNV Hostel Life?


Frequently Ask Questions:

What are the pros and cons of hostel life in college days? 

Hostel Life Pros:

Hostel life can be a great way to meet new people and make friends.

It can also be a great way to learn how to live independently and be responsible for yourself.

Hostels are often located close to campus, which makes it easy to get to class and other activities.


Hostel Life Cons:

Hostel life can be noisy and crowded.

There may not be a lot of privacy.

Hostels can be quite expensive, especially if you are not on a scholarship or financial aid.


What are some tips for making the most of hostel life in college days?

Be open to meeting new people. Hostel life is a great way to meet new people from all over the world. Be open to making new friends and getting to know people from different cultures.

Be respectful of your roommates.


Hostels are shared spaces, so it is important to be respectful of your roommates. This means keeping the common areas clean, being quiet at night, and respecting their personal belongings.


Take advantage of the facilities. Hostels often have great facilities, such as gyms, laundry rooms, and study rooms. Take advantage of these facilities to stay active, keep your clothes clean, and study in a quiet environment.


What are some common challenges of hostel life in college days?

Homesickness: It is common to feel homesick when you first move into a hostel. This is especially true if you are away from home for the first time. Talk to your roommates or friends about how you are feeling and try to find ways to stay connected with your family and friends back home.


Lack of privacy: Hostels are often shared spaces, so it can be difficult to have privacy. This can be especially challenging if you are used to having your own room at home. Try to find ways to create your own private space, such as hanging a curtain around your bed or using a noise machine to block out noise from the common areas. 


Cost: Hostels can be quite expensive, especially if you are not on a scholarship or financial aid. There are a few things you can do to reduce the cost of hostel life, such as cooking your own meals, sharing a room with a roommate, and finding a hostel that offers discounts for students. 

We welcome feedback from readers to make this article more useful for college students. 

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