What Are The Duties of Girl's Hostel Warden? (Updated)

A girl's hostel warden is responsible for managing and leading a team that provides services in a hostel. In this article, we'll share the key responsibilities of a hostel warden completely. We hope you'll learn how the hostel warden performs her job. 

She ensures that all students have a comfortable and safe stay in the hostel. She makes sure that everything works properly, especially for those that need electricity and water like the rooms, dining hall, and bathrooms.


Girl's Hostel Warden Full Job Description

In addition to the above, she should play a vital role in student counseling and exercise motivational activities to keep them busy in their free time. She checks that all things are in place with the utmost standards and coordinates with the hostel kitchen to provide healthy and hygienic foods for all.


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Hostel Warden Working Hours


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Duties of Girl Hostel Warden



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Girls Hostel Warden Required Skills


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What Types of Duties of Girls Hostel Warden?


Key Role

What Is The Defined Role of a Girls Hostel Warden?

Warden Means

What is Girls Hostel Warden Called?


Hostel Warden Working Hours: 

Normal jobs working hours are at least eight hours per day or 40 hours a week, but a girl, hostel warden is responsible for doing more work despite the normal hours, especially at night duty a girl's hostel warden should be alert and make sure all students are in their rooms.


Duties of Girl Hostel Warden:

A girl's hostel warden develops, manages, and trains her staff to be able to deliver and maintain quality service to their students.


She supervises and appoints frontline staff that will train and handle the new hires. A hostel warden oversees the hostel’s management and carries out regular supervision. She attends to students’ needs, as well as their complaints. 

In exchange for the complaints made, she promises an extra service to appease the students. A girl's hostel warden is in charge of planning and carrying out marketing strategies to make a name for the hostel.


She makes a database that serves as an inventory of all the things found in the hostel. She also conducts regular staff meetings to remind staff to ensure the students' safety and overall happiness while staying in the hostel. The girl's warden shall directly hold control of the hostel and administer the hostel affairs.


All matters requiring approval, relating to discipline or change of conditions in the hostel or to a need or deficiency, or to confirm, promotion, demotion, and punishment of the employees of the hostel shall be initiated by the Warden.


The girl's warden shall be provided with free accommodation in the hostel and shall be required to live in the hostel or shall live in the houses specified for the warden on the premises of the hostel.


She shall not stay out of the hostel on any night unless he/she obtains prior permission from the higher authority in writing.


The girl's warden shall be responsible for maintaining discipline and law and order in the hostel and shall use his/her discretion and judgment in all cases requiring immediate attention and action.


All employees of the hostel shall be under the direct supervision of the warden. The warden shall be responsible for the efficiency of the services of all hostel employees.


The girl's warden shall be responsible for marinating a proper account of the hostel dues and food account with the assistance of the hostel clerk.


The girl's warden shall scrutinize the contractors’ bills personally and shall forward them for payment. The girl's warden shall also be responsible for sanitation in the hostel and hostel premises, including maintenance of lawns and landscape.


Girls Hostel Warden Minimum Qualification:

A girl's hostel warden must possess a bachelor’s degree in business or management, hotel and hospitality management, and travel, tourism, or leisure studies. Postgraduate courses are not necessary but are preferred. A hostel warden must have certification in staff and hostel supervision.


Girls Hostel Warden Required Skills:

To become a successful hostel warden, one must have strong leadership skills.

She must be courteous, a good problem solver, and must have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills.


She must also have up-to-date information on the care service framework, contractual framework, and other available services. 

Frequently Ask Questions

What Types of Duties of Girls Hostel Warden?

  1. Fully responsible for the allotment of bunk beds and rooms to the students.
  2. Responsible for repair/maintenance of the hostel building.
  3. Look after the quality and healthy foods served to the hostel students.
  4. Keeps strict discipline among students of the hostels.
  5. Reports to the Provost in case of any indiscipline or misbehavior by the students.

What Is The Defined Role of a Girls Hostel Warden?

A hostel warden is responsible for monitoring, counseling, and mentoring students who reside in campus hostels. Each warden is employed by a university or college and makes sure that students who live in hostels follow rules. The wardens' job involves checking student rooms regularly to look for any wrongdoing.

What is Girls Hostel Warden Called?

A matron is a dignified, serious-minded married woman. The warden in a women's prison is also called a matron, which may lead you to conclude that the term is often not a glowing compliment.

Qualities of Girl's Hostel Warden?

Responsible for maintenance of the hostels. Look after the quality of food served in the hostels. Keeps strict discipline among students of the hostels. Reports to the Director in case of any indiscipline or misbehavior by the students.

Girl's Hostel Warden Basic Salary: 

A Girl’s hostel warden's monthly basic salary totally depends upon the job experience, relevant qualifications, training certificates, physical fitness, and sense of detective. However, in common cases, the hostel warden gets from 0.1 Lakh to 4.2 Lakh per month salary in the sub-continent.

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