Wednesday, April 6, 2022

How Do Keep Social Distancing in Hostel?

Most students don’t care about the current pandemic and take it easy. Due to the no seriousness among the hostel students, social distancing and preventive measures to avoid the severe effects of coronavirus spreading.


How Do Keep Social Distancing in Hostel?

It is mandatory to provide awareness to the hostel student as well as yourself on the working of our immune system and the biome and virome that make and keep us healthy. You will begin to realize that social distancing is not going to assist us in staying healthy. It is likely to do the opposite. How To Solve Hostel Problems?


There is no scientific reason for social distancing for coronaviruses and there is an even less scientific reason for it being 6 feet (2 meters). We should question the rationality of social distancing and the reason why it is stipulated at 6 feet.


Hostels practice social distancing with Covid19?

What I found interesting about this is that Governor Cuomo didn’t try to hide it, bury it in obscurity, make excuses for it, or proclaim to know everything about it. He didn’t lie to make himself look better.


That, however, is only one study, to see if this virus is so contagious that you need much less than you think to become ill would make things even more, not less difficult.


Social distancing and wearing masks aren’t truly protective 100%. The idea behind all this was to slow the occurrence to give hospitals a chance to catch up and it did do that. Living in the city, no matter if you stay in your own home, at some point you’re going outside your apartment door.


You take out the trash, maybe stand at the door to talk to a neighbor, and walk the dog. This is a virus that is very easy to catch. We know it’s capable of living on doorknobs and cart handles even cardboard and cloth. Until there is a readily available test we’re going to have this problem.


Even then, we’re going to have to wait for a vaccine to be able to feel we have the chance of living normally again. We’re already seeing people wanting to go back to what it was before; selfishly they’re putting all of us at risk. They’re like angry children who are simply doing what they want, no matter the cost to others. Girl's Hostel Warden Duty


We need to know a whole lot more about what kind of immunity it offers if there is any immunity at all, and for how long. Now apparently we also have to learn why they caught it if they truly remained at home.


How difficult is it to practice social distancing?

It is not that difficult. In fact, right now we have our own choice to socially isolate ourselves from other people just like hostel roommates, colleagues, and even our own family.


Once this situation gets out of our hands, we won’t even have a choice. We will be forced to stay inside against our own will and that will be more mentally disturbing than choosing ourselves.


It is not just about you. It is about all of us. We are all in this together. I know some are away from home. Others have loved ones working in different countries or states.


Some are worried while others do not care. Both of these make us do stupid things that will affect all of us. If we do not keep inside and isolate ourselves now, there won’t be anything left to isolate soon.


And when it comes to that point, humans might still exist but humanity won’t. We will all turn into animals. We will steal and loot. Vandalizing and destruction will be everywhere. We will dig our own graves. 

I am not saying all this to create any panic. I already said that that will only make us do stupid things. I am saying this because we need to realize that all our actions have consequences. Nothing comes for free.


Do not worry about supplies and necessities. It is not just you who needs food to eat and porn to masturbate. We all do. But if we take to the roads and take matters into our own hands then groceries are not the only things we will be taking into our hands.


What are the pros and cons of social distancing?

The pros are you can’t get infected, that’s what it means because you’re not at social gatherings, and people aren’t bothering you. You can’t catch the disease.


The cons are being bored, not meeting new people, having a social life, going out, and doing things. People need to work, have a love life, meet new people, and do things 

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