How Do Students Maintain Diet in Hostel?

Maintaining of food diet plan in a hostel is a big task for students, often hostel management discourages the separate food plan for students, they provide the food according to the hostel's weekly menu, but in some cases, students face diet plan issues in common foods.


What types of food and drinks are best for the students to keep their health maintain? Here is the hostel diet plan sample for health-conscious students.


How Do Students Maintain Diet in Hostel?

Students can follow the below steps to stay fit on hostel days.

Drink a Lot of Water 4–5 liters.

In the morning just boil broken wheat or Dalia, after it has cooled down, have it with curd and add 2 spoons of sugar. In the evening hunger makes bhelpuri using puffed rice, bhune chane, onion, tomato, lemon juice, and black salt. For dinner eat a sandwich consisting of brown bread, paneer, onion, capsicum, salt, black pepper, and tomatoes.


Make Sure You Have Dinner Before 8 PM.

After if u are hungry have a glass of warm milk for 1 hr before going to sleep.


How can I have a balanced, nutritious diet in my hostel life?

Apart from choosing the right food whenever given a choice (which is rare) few things can be easily made. It would be good if you have a travel cooker (you get them on the online market for about 2000 or so. Example: Nova)


I believe that there is no need to run away from carbohydrates unless they come from junk food or unless you have a big weight gain issue. If you exercise regularly, you can keep your tongue and tummy happy. Student Hostel Food Menu


Poha and Upma are eaten quite often in my hometown. So I keep packets of MTR ready to eat Poha and Upma. All you have to do is add warm water to the mix.

You don’t need to be an expert to make a salad. Keep some vegetables in small quantities with you. There are plenty of easy recipes on the internet.


Soak pulses in water for about 20 hours until they sprout. Add tomato, cucumber, chat masala, onion, and chili, and enjoy a sprout salad. Take hardly 10 minutes. Buy small onions and tomatoes so that you don’t end up wasting them.


You can repeat the above recipe with leafy vegetables like Methi (fenugreek), palak (spinach), cabbage, etc. Add green peas or beans if you like. Instead of having aerated soft drinks, buy a lemon and make lemonade. (6–7 minutes) If you have a kettle, you can boil the sweet potato, eggs, etc. milk (prefer not to have toned milk. It does not taste like milk) with cornflakes and fruits.


Hostel life comes with disastrous problems like excessive hair fall due to lack of nutrition. If you find Aamla in the market then get some. Eat it for your hair and vitamin C. There are other such nutritious fruits or vegetables available on the market. How Do Enjoy Hostel

For e.g. Carrots, Radishes, Beetroot. Eat them raw or make a quick tasty salad to remind yourself that you do have taste buds in that tongue.

Make sure that I make something for myself. It’s because over a period of time messy food becomes extremely boring. The food I cook is not super tasty but I feel glad that it is made in a hygienic way and is nutritious. It takes around 15 minutes maximum to make this stuff. But it adds taste to my life. 

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