How Good is NMIMS Hostel Life?


Nurse Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) hostel building Infrastructure is really good and attractive. Students who live in the NMIMS hostel are fully satisfied and feel awesome having the large rooms, attached washrooms, durable room furniture, and study atmosphere provided by the hostel management. 

The NMIMS has established a new hostel building on campus so there are fewer students enrolled right now.


How Good is NMIMS Hostel Life?

The hostel management is offering good facilities to attract more students with affordable but because it's a new campus (it's been only 2 years) the strength of students is less. The management is very active and keen to accommodate students from other sections as well.

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NMIMS Hostel Facilities:

 The facilities are not that superior but decent, only basic amenities are provided e.g. fridge, microwave and washing machine. The room is shared by 4 people so if you have some privacy issues I don't recommend you. The furniture is too old and they have tried to utilize each space possible so it isn't spacious also.


If you are new to Mumbai, stay in the hostel for a year or so then you will get the idea of nearby flats on rent and then you can shift the next year. This is done by most of the students there


NMIMS Hostel Fees:

The NMIMS hostel management offers affordable fees for new students' admission. The aim of hostel management is to enroll more students because the building has more rooms free currently. The actual fee structure is hereunder:

NMIMS Hostel For FemaleFee ₹1.80 L - ₹ 2.45 L


Name of the Hostel        Hostel Fees            Total Hostel Fees (for 10 months)

MKM Sanghvi Girls Hostel -                        215000  225000

MKM Sanghvi Girls Hostel (A/C                 235000  245000


NMIMS Hostel Application:

Students from countrywide can upload an online application form or visit the respective hostel for new admission. Hostel management is available 24 hours a to facilitate new students right now.


Why NMIMS Hostel is Best for Students?

The hostel has a good learning environment with doorstep coaching centers if any students want to get admission in second-time tuition. NMIMS has all the safety measures to protect students’ privacy and personal belongings from being stolen. 

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Frequently Ask Questions:

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in an NMIMS Hostel?

The cost of staying in an NMIMS hostel varies depending on the type of room and the meal plan. For example, a triple-sharing room with a full meal plan costs around Rs. 3 lakhs for 10 months. 


What Are The Facilities Available in NMIMS Hostels?

  1. Spacious rooms with attached bathrooms
  2. Common areas for studying and socializing
  3. Gyms and sports facilities
  4. Mess halls with good quality food
  5. Laundry facilities
  6. 24/7 security


What Are The Pros of Staying in an NMIMS Hostel?

  1. Hostels are located on campus, so students don't have to worry about commuting.
  2. Hostels are well-secured, so students can feel safe living there.
  3. Hostels provide a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

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