How is Hostel Life in VIT Chennai?

I am a student in Kota who got around 97–98 percentile in mains and got 73 % in boards so I know how an ideal hostel life should be.


How is Hostel Life in VIT Chennai
How is Hostel Life in VIT Chennai?

I had an induction program of 10 days, it was so exhausting sitting under a tent. Outing from campus is restricted for freshers. Take permission from the proctor or warden. They both find a way of declining it in my every 1 attempt


Now as the outing is restricted here, you have to buy stuff from V-mart in colleges that aren’t Vishal Mega mart but it is VIT general store. Everything is out of stock from pens, and notebooks to soap, etc. They don't have any good restaurants on campus too.


Now come g to hostel Facilities, VIT has the best hostels and messy food is up to the market It has some flaws like in my AC hostel for which I paid 1,87000 AC only works from 06:00PM TO 06:00AM why no u limit AC on that much of a high price.


Now one more fall is hostel WIFI as you know it is restricted to only 20 GB. It would have been fine if VIT had a good network of telecom companies. 

I live in the VIT hostel and have recharged my 4 SIMs namely, Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, and JIO none of which work properly. The call drop rate is also higher. So how come a CSE student can subscribe to 20 GBs.


VIT Chennai Hostel Rules:

There are many weird rules in VIT Vellore and Chennai campus-

1) Students cannot roam about on the campus after 9:00 p.m.

2) Students cannot celebrate birthdays in the hostel. There is a specific time given by the hostel authority at which you can celebrate your birthday outside the hostel but in front of them.

3) If students want to do anything on campus they must have an ID card at all times.

4) Students have to enter the college gate by 6:00 pm after that you will not be able to come in.

5) On the weekend you have to fill out a form to go out to the campus. Girls are not allowed to go out on weekends. 6) Students have to keep a minimum of 75% attendance.

7) Students would say it is a school because classes start at 8 in the morning and can remain as long as 7:20 pm with an interval in between that for 40 min.


VIT Chennai Hostel Fees:

On average, a hostel and mess would cost you around 80k-100k. There are 3 different messes in VIT namely veg, non-veg, and special. The vegetables are the cheapest and special mess the costliest, the latter costing around 65k.


Coming to rooms Single AC is 90k, four AC around 44k-47k not very sure about 4 bedded AC rooms Girls have single, double, four, and six-bedded AC/non-rooms while boys have an extra option of three bedded AC/non-ac rooms. During the first year, rooms are allotted on the basis of admission while later, on the basis of your CGPA.


The Fee Structure of VIT Hostel:

Mess charges:

Special mess-60,950 per annum:

North Indian- 48,000 pa:

South Indian- around 45,000 per annum:

VIT Chennai Hostel Rooms:

Rooms are divided into AC and NON AC from 60k to 1.5 lakh bottom to top.


Double bedded

Three bedded

Four bedded

Six bedded


The tuition fee is a category so the category in which you get admissions matters: 

Class 1—1.98 lakh per annum: 

Class 2—3.07 lakh per annum: 

Class 3—4.05 lakh per annum: 

Class 4–4.48 lakh per annum: 

Class 5- 4.93 lakh per annum: 


VIT Chennai Hostel Life:

Hostels at VIT Chennai are really amazing, highly ventilated, clean washrooms; the rooms are cleaned once every day,


Washrooms: The washrooms are cleaned at least 3 times a day, the hostels have 15 floors and there are washrooms on 3 sides of each floor with 10 bathing and 10 potty ones J There is hot water available all day, all the time.


Clothes Washing: There are washing machines available, one every 3 floors, then there are 2 hand wash stations in each washroom and also there is a dhobi available, 3 days a week.


Television: There is a TV, on floor numbers, multiple of 3. All cricket matches including post-match reviews are watched with a lot of enthusiasm by the students. There is a screen with a projector where movies are played once a week.


Mess Food: There are different messes classified into the following,


North Indian – Vegetarian 

North Indian – Non-Vegetarian 

South Indian – Vegetarian 

South Indian – Non-Vegetarian


Special Mess (Has fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, and cereal in the morning)


Food Park Restaurant Style:

There are study areas on each floor if you feel disturbed in your room. Night Mess: The hostel has a night mess that serves many fun items. WIFI with a limit of 50 GB per month and a speed of 20 - 30 MBPS is available. Airtel and JIO networks work well in the hostel.


Hostel In-time - 9PM if you go to the library it is 11:30 PM 

For Second Year Hostel: There is a gym, gaming room, and badminton court inside the hostel.

Frequently Ask Questions:

How is The Food in VIT Chennai Hostels?

The food in VIT Chennai hostels is generally good, with a variety of options available to choose from. There are separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian messes, as well as a special mess for foreign students. 

The food is nutritious and wholesome, and the dining halls are clean and well-maintained. However, some students have complained that the food can get repetitive after a while and that the quality can vary depending on the mess.

What Are The Hostel Rooms Like in VIT Chennai?

The hostel rooms in VIT Chennai are spacious and well-furnished. They come in a variety of configurations, including single, double, triple, and four-bedded rooms. All rooms have attached bathrooms and balconies. 

AC and non-AC rooms are both available. The hostel rooms are cleaned daily, and the common areas are also well-maintained. However, some students have complained that the rooms can get cramped, especially if you are sharing with multiple roommates.

What is The Hostel Life Like in VIT Chennai?

Hostel life in VIT Chennai is generally very enjoyable. Students come from all over India and abroad, so there is a lot of diversity and cultural exchange. There are also many opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, and societies. 

The hostel staff is friendly and supportive, and they are always there to help students with any problems they may have. However, some students have complained that the hostel rules can be strict and that the curfew can be inconvenient.

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