Hostel Student Daily Routine Life

How is student life going in a hostel? and how do students spend their time in a hostel? How do students manage their hostel time for better education? these are the main topics.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the complete schedule of hostel students and how students prepare themselves to attempt all activities. 

Hostel Student Time Schedule:

A hostel warden will be responsible to draw a comprehensive hostel student schedule with the coordination of academic timing in college. All hostel students follow the set hostel schedule to overcome the academic activities. 

Hostel Student Time Table:


S. No


After Noon



Physical Training





Morning Study



Rest Half Hours

Subject Study




Sports Activities


Books Re-organization


School Preparation

Free time

Preparation for next class


Hostel Morning Time:

Morning wake-up time set by the hostel warden and circulate whole day schedule among the students while students register in the hostel. 

Hostel Student Morning Activities:

Wake up early morning, half-hour physical training under the guidance of a physical health trainer. After that, present at hostel mess to take breakfast, after breakfast, prepare them to be ready for college classes under the set uniform.

Hostel Student Evening Activities:

After academic classes, students move to the hostel for short rest and prepare themselves for lunch at the hostel mess, after lunch students can sleep for a while to get re-energize for study. From evening to night students spend their time in study and classwork assigned by the subject teacher. 

Hostel Student Night Activities:

As per the hostel timing, hostel student move the hostel mess to take dinner, after dinner some time for informal discussion between friends in mess and move to the own hostel room for night study. 

Hostel Students Sports Activities:

Hostel students like to be part of sports activities and love to play indoor or outdoor games in the hostel and make themselves present the college level sports activities

Hostel Student Extra-Curricular Activities:

After dinner many students love to walk in hostel ground for short time and get back to the hostel room for studies, some students love to move hostel room for study and preparation of presentations for the next day.  

Some students busy with their own work, i.e. shoes polishing, cloths cleaning and pressing, books re-organizing and more. 

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