Student Hostels Near Me In Gilgit City

Dear students, in this article, we'll provide information about a student hostel situated in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. 

Students from all over Gilgit-Baltistan are coming to Gilgit City for higher education under the Board of Karakorum International University. Students from the surrounding areas


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Areeba Girls Hostel:

Areeba Girls Hostel is another well-reputed hostel in Gilgit city with all available resources, good and professional management including a supportive support team. It has a Wi-Fi facility to access the internet. The hostel room rates are quite affordable for all students.

The hostel location is similar to the mountain refuge hostel near the chief minister's house, Gilgit

Mountain Refuge Student Hostel:

Mountain refuge hostels are the best place for girls' students in the city of Gilgit, the management of the hostel is well supportive and professionals take care of girls' students with all respect. Students from all over Gilgit-Baltistan feel comfortable and secure in the mountain refuge hostels.


The mountain refuge hostel is situated at the center of the city of Gilgit near the chief minister's house chinar Bagh, Gilgit

Abul Qasim Learning Hostel:

Abul Qasim learning is a hostel affiliated with The learning Academy, Gilgit. The hostel rooms are better with limited facilities, only those students are admitted who belong to The Learning Academy

The hostel building is in Danyore, a 10KM drive from Gilgit city, and the second hostel campus in Jutal is 20-25KM away from Gilgit city.

Bagrote Hostel:

The bagrote hostel is the oldest hostel in Gilgit city. Hostel rooms are old architectural design and good looking area of Gilgit city.

The main hostel is situated on the main expressway road near the Karakorum International University.

Naveed Tourist Hostel:

Naveed Tourist hostel is designed for multiple usages, a tourist from all over the country including students from near colleges are also admitted in this hostel.

The hostel is situated at Park Link Road, Gilgit City

Academic Girls Hostel:

Newly established girls’ student hostel near Karakorum International University. it has good looking hostel building with experienced professionals for room services including well-experienced cooking staff. It has good-looking hostel rooms with fully furnished rooms and study tables.

Main Express Way Road Near KIU, Gilgit

Paradise Girls Hostel:

The paradise Girls hostel is in the same location as the academic hostel. The building of student hostels is attractive with all essential facilities. It has a hostel building on the main road towards Karakorum International University.

Paradise Girls Hostel

Main Express Way Road Near KIU, Gilgit

Highlander Girls Hostel:

Highlander girls’ hostel has 3 tier building with enough car parking spaces for students or parents. The design of a building is soundproof and earthquake magnate. The highlander hostel has experienced staff with all facilities to attract students. Room rates are quite affordable for girls’ students.

Main Express Way Road Near KIU, Gilgit


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