How is Hostel Life at DU?

Delhi University is the most prominent educational institution in India and provides all facilities to its students, DU hostel life is very beautiful with a full learning atmosphere here. DU hostel management is very cooperative and caring of its students and pays guests equally. 

The hostel food menu is designed according to vegetarian needs including other dishes for hostellers. DU Hostel Life inspires everyone with its standard quality facilities etc.


Is There a Hostel Facility In DU?

Yes, DU colleges do provide hostels. But all colleges do not provide hostel facilities for boys and even there is a limited number of seats. But the best part about the North and South campuses is that even if you don’t get a hostel.

There are a lot of PGs available in that area, and they provide you with all the basic amenities like food and wifi. One of them is Coho, which provides you with rented accommodations. Their services are up to the mark. I have many of my friends staying there. If you wish you can give it a try.


What Is the Hostel Like in DU?

Impressive and fully furnished with a cool study environment in the DU hostel. DU hostel is like a dream home with full care and the best management support for the students or faculties. DU Hostel has beautiful and secure buildings including all safety and security measures.


DU Hostel Admission 2022

At Delhi University, academic session is open now for all students. Students can process their admission application according to the DU policy, after completion of the process and admission DU Hostel allows you to avail of hostel facilities with the given fees. 

However, before the admission process, students should check the room availability 15% of seats are reserved for SC students and 7% of seats are reserved for ST students as well.


Delhi University Hostel Fees:

As per the fee structure of Delhi University Hostel, the DU hostel charges 53K Indian Rupees from Male Hostellers for a specific period of time. Following are fee structure of the DU hostel


These are the charges for DU undergraduate hostel 2019–2020.

Caution Money: Rs. 5000/- (Refundable)


Annual Charges:



Semester Charges:


The total amount payable at the time of admission:

Fees = 5000 + 17900 + 14500 + 14500 = Rs. 51,900/-

Mess charges (D) = 30,375/-


DU Hostel Rules:

Hostel rules and regulations are strict and everyone can adhere to the set rules. Violation of rules can dismiss your admission immediately from the DU hostel, so it is mandatory to obey the given guidelines from the hostel management every time. 


How to Apply for a Hostel at DU?

All the students interested in getting a hostel are required to fill in the online registration form available at the hostel website Once you fill out the form a registration number will be allotted to you. All the documents are required to be scanned and uploaded.

Frequently Ask Questions:

What are the different types of hostels in DU?

  1. Men's hostels: These hostels are for male students.
  2. Women's hostels: These hostels are for female students.
  3. Mixed hostels: These hostels are for both male and female students.


What Are The Facilities Available in DU Hostels?

The facilities available in DU hostels vary depending on the hostel. However, the following common facilities are available at DU Hostel:


Rooms With Beds, Desks, & Chairs

  1. Shared bathrooms and toilets
  2. Common areas such as dining halls, kitchens, and TV rooms
  3. Laundry facilities
  4. Study rooms
  5. Sports facilities


What Are The Rules & Regulations of DU Hostels?

The rules and regulations of DU hostels vary depending on the hostel. However, the following important rules and regulations need to be adopted:


  1. Students must maintain a certain academic standard.
  2. Students must follow the hostel curfew.
  3. Students must not bring guests to the hostel without permission.
  4. Students must keep their rooms clean and tidy.
  5. Students must pay the hostel fees on time.

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