How Do I Choose Quality Hostels To Stay?

When traveling to bigger cities to get higher education, students always travel from their home city to other cities and it is a normal phenomenon. For students from other areas face different kinds of accommodation issues when they move to bigger cities for higher education.


Booking the best and most affordable hostels in the city is always a big to ask outside students so they continue their education. In this article, we’ll discuss choosing the best hostel and facilities which are necessary to keep in mind while getting hostel bookings.

In this post, we’ll try to educate students to go through before booking a hostel for a stay in a new area and always keep in mind some basic information about the hostel before booking. 


Hostels Near Me:

The student should need to acquire hostel information regarding the exact location and destination from the education institute. A close destination hostel with an institute is always preferred due to the time savings from hostel to institute and institute to the hostel. NMIMS Hostel Life


Close destination hostels also give students the freedom to save transport expenses from hostel to institute and institute to hostel. Close destination hostel provides short time travel efforts and easy reach to the learning institution.


Hostel Room Internal Decoration:

The student should visit rooms and check the room decoration and other facilities i.e. bed, sitting area, study table,  cloth almirah, roof fan, wall color, neat and clean carpet, table lamp, clean and separate washroom, outside window scenery, electricity bulbs, and other necessary items. 


Hostel Playground Area:

Students should give preference to playgrounds and adjacent open areas for study and other sports activities available. The student should avoid congested rooms hostel.


Hostel Car Parking Area:

Prefer a hostel where car parking facilities are available, hostels with car parking areas are best for students to keep their cars safe and secure place. In addition, the hostel provided transport facilities a plus point while booking a hostel. 


Weekly Foods Menu:

Before going to register, it is necessary to check the weekly food menu and standard of the kitchen in terms of health and hygiene prospectus. Make sure the foods are according to the standard set by the health department. BHU Food Menu


Room Rent/Foods Rates:

Compare room rent and food charges as per Government instructions and try to negotiate with hostel management for cheap prices, but not negotiate about the standard quality foods.  

Examine the hostel's past billing methods provided to senior students. Make sure there are no hidden charges to pay.


Hostel Services Render to the Students:

Discuss with senior students about the hostel services and management behavior, and communicate with hostel management about the services that the hostel renders to the students. 

Learn about the help centers and make sure the first aid facilities are available to cover emergencies if any. 


Hostel Power Supply System:

Inquire about the uninterruptible power supply provided by the hostel management; make sure the power supply generators are in place and in working conditions. Learn about extra charges if any to facilitate students through generator electricity. 


Hostel Free Wi-Fi Facility:

Internet facility is mandatory in hostel life to complete online assignments; students should make sure that the hostel provides good internet facilities to the student free of cost, so the students do their online tasks without any interruption.


Free/Paid Communication Facility:

Learn about communication options with parents or family members during the hostel time, and how the hostel provides these facilities to the students either free of cost or with charges.


Hostel Safety and Security:

The hostel should be safe and secure and all security measures are in place i.e. security guards, CCTV cameras, a boundary wall, and an internal security system in place to measure individual privacy. Students may visit the security control room and get feedback from experts.


Hostel Emergency Exit Points:

The student should make sure all blocks and rooms have emergency exit points with clear guidelines including up and down lift in working condition. Learn about installed fire exciting sure are in place for any emergency.


COVID_ 19 Disinfection Facilities:

In the current pandemic situation, all students suffering from their studies due to the spreading of the Corona Virus, in that kind situation students should ask questions about disinfection facilities available in the hostel, and all hostel management/staff should get the COVID prevention vaccination properly. 


Monthly Co-Curricular Calendar:

The hostel management should display the monthly activity plan for all students so they can prepare themselves for upcoming events within the hostel area. BHU Hostel Facilities


Top 7 Important Tips for Pick Good Hostel:

  1. Don’t Pick the Cheapest Hostel
  2. Best location
  3. Choose a Hostel with a Fast
  4. Late Check-Out is Mandatory
  5. A Hostel with Lockers
  6. A Hostel with a Great Calendar
  7. Friendly Hostel Management/Staff


Frequently Ask Questions?

What is the Good Room Rent of Hostel?

How much does it cost to remain in a hostel? Adult prices range from $15.00-$45.00 (per night, per person), with the foremost common prices being between $20-$30 (per night, per student). Large cities like London and Paris tend to be costlier than smaller towns.


What Are Do and Don’t Rules of Hostel?

Be friendly with other hostellers and say hello to them if they are awake.

Always keep your stuff clean and pack it on the road bags within a concentrated area.

Avoid smelly foods like snacks and drinks, etc.

Use your own stuff never use other hostellers' things.


Does Hostel Cheaper Than Hotels?

They Are Cheap: you'll rent a bed in a hostel within the heart of Paris for $25 an evening, whereas a bedroom nearby can easily cost upwards of $150. In many places, hostels are even cheaper than $25 an evening and have even as good of ratings as a costlier one in a bigger city.


Dear students, follow the above-mentioned points before going to the hostel registration.  We hope this information will give you enough knowledge about how to choose a hostel. 

If you get some sort of knowledge from this post, please share this with your friend's circle, and add your valuable inputs in the comments section freely. 

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