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SRM University is a private university in the city of Chennai, India. SRM University was founded by Sri Ramakrishna Math and Science Trust in 1998. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses in engineering, management, business, sciences, and humanities.


SRM University has a top ranking in India and brilliant students from all over the country or even from abroad are studying at SRM University. SRM university's main focus is providing a holistic education approach to its students.


SRM University is accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).


SRM University has a student population of over 8,000. The university has a faculty of over 600, of which around 100 are tenured professors.


Evarsity SRM is an online resource management system that helps college and university libraries manage their digital collections. Evarsity SRM includes features to help manage eBooks, text, audio, and video files. It also includes tools to help catalog and manage print collections.


Evarsity SRM is a web-based system that allows library staff to manage digital resources in a centralized location. It includes features to help manage eBooks, text, audio, and video files. It also includes tools to help catalog and manage print collections.


What is Eversity SRM?

Evarsity SRM is a cost-effective system that helps to manage digital resources. It is easy to use and can be easy access by the students as well as by the faculties. Eversity system is fully protected with all digital resources to reach only SRM-affiliated persons.


SRM Feekart:

SRM Feekart is a platform that facilitates the management of customer relationships and provides a complete customer management solution. The platform automates the entire customer lifecycle, from customer engagement to customer retention. 

SRM hostel is mainly acceptable for those students who have fewer budgets to spend with quite low facilities. It has traditional look with basic requirements to meet the student’s needs. The SRM hostel has the following items in the room to facilitate students.

Hostel Life In SRM

Wooden cupboard with good space to insert books or uniforms of a single student, wooden study table including a light lamp for students to study in night, traditional wooden chairs for student use additional few chairs for guests on need basis.


SRM Hostel Life Pros & Cons:

Hostel life is different from home, most of the students feel alone in the initial days of the hostel, and some get adjusted soon after admission. It depends on the hostel environment, management treatment, hostel facilities, and food menu. But in SRM hostel is quite a under mark apart from the facilities they provide. But they offer enough amenities in the hostel for less hostel fees.


SRM Hostel Environment:

The hostel environment is pretty good within the available resources, but need to update something to make it more convenient for students. Room furniture needs to upgrade, clothes cleaning area should separate from the living rooms. Internet facility is more demanding right now and all hostels provide it free of cost. 


SRM Hostel Management:

Hostel management is quite humble and cooperative with students, under the given circumstances, management is committed to good support.


SRM Login Process:

Students who are already in the SRM system can access the SRM portal to know their own overall academic performance, obtain marks, quarter results, other academic announcements,  class timetables, earned credits, and financial details. Student can enter their respective particulars in the given link to access SRM Login › SRMSIP


How To Reset the SRM Password?

Students who want to log in with existing particulars then can edit their account password. To do this need to navigate from the home page to Recovery Manager Appliance Password and then Log in to the Site Recovery Manager Appliance Management Interface as admin. After entry student can click the access and change the password from the Password pane.  After completing the whole process students can click change, provide the necessary information, and click Change again.


Other SRM Group students can log in using their Register number/Student personal ID which is provided to you in the admission stage, students can find their ID number from the admission letter and receipt, with their date of birth [Format DD-MM-YYYY E.g. 310302000 for the First login. Meanwhile, students can use that particular credentials later in their login.

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