How is KIIT Hostel Life? Student Interview (Recently)

KIIT HOSTEL is a new backpacker's paradise located in the heart of the city. It offers budget accommodation with a shared kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. KIIT HOSTEL is a place where backpackers can meet other travelers and share tips and experiences. The staff is friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is relaxed and convivial.

Hostel life at KIIT is quite better and students are happy to stay in the KIIT hostel. During the internal opinion survey, we found some minor issues, but maximum students are fine with the given facilities according to their needs.


Students were excited to share their experiences and how they felt in hostel life without home and parents, care. During the survey interview, we got some valuable information and some new ideas to make the KIIT hostel more environmentally friendly. So here is the true and real-life experience I have here.


KIIT Hostel Life? Student Interview

I am currently in my fourth year and I think I am eligible to answer this question from my perspective as a male IT Student.


KIIT Hostel First Year:

You will be allotted a hostel name KP KINGS PALACE which is huge; first, you don’t know their hostel is called queen castle. By huge means, 4 floors and 100 rooms on each floor in a block, and there are I think 8 blocks like this for about 4K–5K newcomers.


In your starting days, you will surely forget the way to your room. There will be speakers and cameras all over the hostel. The rules are quite strict for newcomers the check-in time is 7, formal (till the newcomer's party), and not leaving the hostel without permission (till newcomers). The hostel life is fun like late night gaming, talking and the fun which you will get only in 1st year because you are bounded by rules. Then comes the newcomer's party and then rules will be slightly loose now you can bunk some of the classes.


Explore KIIT’S huge green campus, make friends, and there is nothing like the word ragging here, just respect seniors and you will be free. After the newcomer's exam will start (i don’t remember before or after You will be free to explore the campus, and make some friends, there are countless restaurants and the plus main thing is you will get your new laptops and believe me the configuration is awesome (fingerprint sensor, touch screen and 360 foldable is a must) 8 or plus GB ram, i5 or plus processor (can’t tell about graphics but it will be good too),


Then KIIT-WIFI-NET although many sites are blocked, there are some VPNs and proxies which work, Speed will be good (sometimes very poor), Some Mobile phones can’t directly connect to it but you will find a way. Some faculties are cooperative. You will be assigned a tutor Mentor and he/she will surely help you anytime.


KIIT Key Point For First-Year Students:

Always be in contact with seniors, they will help you a lot in any condition. Don’t hesitate to talk to them. Just show them some respect and they will be all yours whether it is notes or suggestions. Talk frankly with the opposite gender. Try to get a high CGPA as it will help you in long run. Explore the Campus; there are many opportunities on the campus itself.


KIIT Hostel Second Year:

Ragging could happen this year but just that you can interact with your seniors. Suddenly the rules will be changed, and you will be given freedom No dress code, Even for class (Even for Girls), you will be shifted to a new hostel according to the branch, and Check In time would be 10 (Just for the records). This is the time to explore you. Find your interest and chasing them in this KIIT will help you a lot.


There is KSAC for all types of ideas, societies, and much more. You want to sing, dance, act, play, etc. There is a place for everything in KIIT. You will hear many breakup stories this year. Many couple sites and much more. You will not care about the rules much now. Last the KIIT FEST, in the first year you haven’t enjoyed it much but in the second you will (either KIIT FEST or your Girlfriend’s Company)


KIIT Hostel Second Year:

It is time to add something to your CV. You should start building it. You should do some professional courses and this is the year to shape your future waste it and there will be no time in the fourth year to build it. Plus you will be seniors as fourth-year students are always at home.


You will know about every portion and corner of KIIT and start living in a habituated environment. Classes would be just to get 75% attendance and friends will be like homes. Mainly this time if you focused on your carrier it will bloom in the fourth year, mostly it is luck but you can beat luck with your dedication.


There will be some faculties whom you can go to for help and advice and seniors for how to prepare your own profile for practical life. 


KIIT Hostel Third Year:

In no time the placement Drive will start, If you are not prepared you will have no time. There will be no classes. Everyone will be busy solving aptitude and reasoning. There will be extra classes for placement-related studies. You with your friends will start planning where would you go after placements.


Sometimes it will hit you that time flew so fast and now you won’t be in college after some months. You will plan if you get to the same city you all will rent a flat and how it would be. You are really seniors now so no one can threaten you. There will be serious tension for the placement. I am currently in my fourth year and have experience. 


KIIT Hostel Fourth Year:

Be able to take advantage of practical life and believe in yourself. Now the life-changing moment ahead of you so do hard and never lose confidence and hope. No doubt, this could be the year for your depression and you may struggle to get appropriate opportunities in the job market, but don’t divert your focus and path to success.


KIIT Hostel Fee vs Facilities:

In the KIIT hostel, the kitchen followed a healthy & hygienic food menu with affordable food charges from the students.

Food Fee Per Semester: INR 20,000 to 25,000.

KIIT Hostel Single Room AC Hostel Fee in INR 65,000 per semester.

KIIT Hostel Double Sharing AC Hostel Fee INR 60,000 per semester


For more details and queries, students can use KIIT SAP Portal to register complaints, and suggestions at any time. The KIIT SAP link is hereunder:

KIIT SAP Portal › sap 

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